Planes, Trains and Automobiles: 25 DIY Transportation Toys

Planes, trains and automobiles are all a regular occurrence at our household, especially now that there’s a boy on the move. Racecars are either darting back and forth, choo choo can be heard from any given room and paper airplanes have found a rest stop at the kitchen bread box terminal. The girls were into all of these toys, but Gordon has brought the fascination for transportation toys to a whole new level. Get your motors running and start getting crafty with Planes, Trains and Automobiles: 25 DIY Transportation Toys…

  • Cutest Wooden Cars 1 of 25
    Cut wooden cars out of wood and add thumbtack wheels.
    Spotted at Handmade by Charlotte.
  • All Aboard! 2 of 25
    Build this colorful circus train out of tea boxes.
    Find out more at Mermag.
  • Recyclable Airplane 3 of 25
    Build an airplane completely out of recycled materials like paper towel rolls and cereal boxes.
    Check it out at Bulb in Blue.
  • The Ultimate Train Table 4 of 25
    Work with the kids on setting up an awesome train table.
    Find out more at Delightful Order.
  • Cool Car Crayons 5 of 25
    Pick up some car molds and start making an assortment of cool car crayons.
    Get the tutorial at Homemade by Jill.
  • Car Dashboard 6 of 25
    Fill pegboard with gears and a steering wheel to give your kid their own driving dashboard.
    Get the tutorial at The Boo and the Boy.
  • Airplane Nightlight 7 of 25
    Use this pattern to sew an airplane that actually lights up.
    Find out more at Craftsy.
  • Car Caddy 8 of 25
    Keep the cars all together in the caddy and unfold it to have an instant road.
    Get the tutorial at Homemade by Jill.
  • My Size Train 9 of 25
    Build trains out of cardboard and all the kids can fit inside.
    Get the tutorial at Green Acres Hobby Farm.
  • Train Conductor Caps 10 of 25
    Top off the my size train by making the kids train conductor caps.
    Get the tutorial at Aesthetic Nest.
  • Felt Truck 11 of 25
    This felt truck makes a great gift for a new little baby boy.
    Find out more at Make It and Love It
  • Airplane Mobile 12 of 25
    This new mama took old comic books and folded the pages into airplanes. Then, she hung them from a child's bike wheel.
    Find out more at Design Dazzle.
  • Train Caddy 13 of 25
    Bring the trains next time you go out to dinner and roll out the tracks.
    Find out more at Hippos and Dinosaurs.
  • The Pasta Express 14 of 25
    Use dry noodles to create mini trains. This is a great project for the kids to do while you're cooking dinner.
    Find out more at Sean Makes Crafts.
  • Drive-In Movie 15 of 25
    Have a movie night and build cars for all the kids to use and decorate.
    Find out more at Momma's Kinda Crafty.
  • Airplane Swing 16 of 25
    Follow the set of plans to learn how to make your own sturdy airplane swing.
    Check it out at Family Home Plans.
  • Wood Crate Play Car 17 of 25
    Make a play car out of a wooden crate.
    Find out more at 101 Woonideeen.
  • Fire Truck Lamp 18 of 25
    Use an old toy firetruck and turn it into a nightlight.
    Check it out at Decopeques.
  • Matchstick Balloon Car 19 of 25
    I think it's about time for a ballon car race.
    Find out more at All For the Boys.
  • Milk Jug Airplane 20 of 25
    Follow the steps to learn how to make a milk jug airplane to fit toys inside.
    Get the tutorial at Danielle's Place.
  • Car Pillow 21 of 25
    Add cozy car pillows to their beds as a "just because I love you" surprise.
    Spotted at Noodle Head.
  • Under $10 Kid’s Car 22 of 25
    Learn how to build this hip car from recycled boxes.
    Check it out at Childhood 101.
  • Fabric Airplane 23 of 25
    Sew up a fabric airplane that can be used over and over again.
    Find out more at 2 Little Hooligans.
  • Clothes Pin, Popsicle Sticks and Magnets 24 of 25
    Start building a set of super speed airplanes.
    Get the tutorial at Turquoise Violets.
  • Rubberband Car 25 of 25
    Make a car out of Lego Technics and add a rubber band to make it go.
    Find out more at Kids Make Stuff.

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