Preserve the Beauty of Valentine’s Day

My husband is actually under strict orders not to buy me roses for Valentine’s Day — it’s just too expensive for something so fleeting. However, I fully expected a bouquet of flowers sometime this week, as they all go on clearance. Even at half price, I want to be sure they last so I can enjoy them for as long as possible.

I just love flowers — the beauty, the whimsy, the feeling that someone care enough about me to buy them, send them or pick them from the garden with their tiny hands. A vase of flowers is a sweet reminder of how much I’m loved. And, I want it to last forever!

Because clearance flowers are a common gift around here, I have found several ways to keep them looking fresh.

  • Strip Leaves 1 of 8
    Strip Leaves
    The first thing you should do is strip the leaves from each flower. Without the leaves, the vascular system can focus on feeding the bloom you want.
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  • Cut Stems 2 of 8
    Cut Stems
    Keeping your flowers sufficiently watered will retain their beauty a little longer. Cut the stems to increase water uptake. Cutting at an angle will provide a larger area for water.
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  • Use Flower Food 3 of 8
    Use Flower Food
    Most bouquets come with flower food, to keep the water fresh so your flowers last longer. You can also use crushed aspirin in place of traditional floral food. A little sugar & bleach will also keep the water from getting murky or growing bacteria.
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  • Change Water Frequently 4 of 8
    Change Water Frequently
    Changing the water and replenishing the flower food or floral solution can extend the life of your fresh flowers.
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  • Keep Way from Direct Sun 5 of 8
    Keep Way from Direct Sun
    Display your flowers away from direct sun, heat, and drafts. I prefer to have a little extra color for the interior of the house anyway.
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Pressed Flowers 6 of 8
    Pressed Flowers
    If you really want to keep the flowers longer, try pressing them while they're still fresh. Pressed flowers can be used on cards, framed prints, and other arts & crafts.
    Image and tutorial via Martha Stewart
  • Dried Flowers 7 of 8
    Dried Flowers
    Drying flowers can preserve them for long lasting display. They will lose some of their color, but it's a good way to keep a bouquet that means a lot to you.
    Image and tutorial via Grits and Giggles
  • Homemade Potpourri 8 of 8
    Homemade Potpourri
    Use your dried flowers, along with cloves and essential oils, to make your own potpourri. This also makes a great homemade gift.
    Image and tutorial via Eve Penman

Oh, and if you didn’t get any flowers yesterday? Buy yourself something pretty on clearance today!

Photo Credit: Flickr

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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