10 Pretty DIY Easter Centerpieces

Easter is this week and Easter always makes me think about flowers! My dad always gets my grandmother a big pot of Easter lilies every year and I just love how tulips, daisies and daffodils start showing their pretty little faces this time of year. With Easter dinner on the near horizon here are 10 pretty DIY Easter centerpieces that are as easy to make as they are lovely to look at!

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    Pretty Easter Centerpieces
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  • Gilded Water Bottle Centerpiece 2 of 11
    Gilded Water Bottle Centerpiece
    I love this easy and inexpensive centerpiece made from water bottles that are cut and gilded with gold spray paint.
    Get the how-to from House of Earnest.
  • Rope Vase Centerpiece 3 of 11
    Rope Vase Centerpiece
    The look of this centerpiece with a single hydrangea bloom is perfect for Easter! Create the vase using rope, a glass and hot glue.
    Get the how-to from Coordinately Yours.
  • Painted Glass Centerpiece 4 of 11
    Painted Glass Centerpiece
    Basic glasses containers you already have lying around the house will look stunning dipped in paint and filled with tulips!
    Get the how-to from Project Wedding.
  • Eggshell Flower Centerpiece 5 of 11
    Eggshell Flower Centerpiece
    Daisies nested in eggshells and arranged together on a egg plate make the prettiest spring centerpiece perfect for Easter!
    Get the how-to from Little Inspiration.
  • Soda Bottle Centerpiece 6 of 11
    Soda Bottle Centerpiece
    Loose flowers tucked into 6-pack of soda bottles painted white make for a crazy inexpensive but really darling centerpiece.
    Get the how-to from House of Whimsy.
  • Giant Paper Flower Centerpiece 7 of 11
    Giant Paper Flower Centerpiece
    I love paper flowers and this oversized variety makes a gorgeous centerpiece when clustered together.
    Get the how-to from Creative Jewish Mom.
  • Tissue Box Centerpiece 8 of 11
    Tissue Box Centerpiece
    Who knew a tissue box could look so awesome? With a decoupaged paper finish and flowers tucked inside, this tissue box makes an amazing centerpiece.
    Get the how-to from Creme de la Craft.
  • Serving Bowl Centerpiece 9 of 11
    Serving Bowl Centerpiece
    A basic white serving bowl becomes a gorgeous centerpiece using masking tape to create a grid as the basis of the floral structure.
    Get the how-to from The Sweetest Occasion.
  • Grapewood Centerpiece 10 of 11
    Grapewood Centerpiece
    A sweet yet rustic look, this centerpiece is constructed from grapewood, candles and succulents. I love the look!
    Get the how-to from Green Wedding Shoes.
  • Bundt Pan Centerpiece 11 of 11
    Bundt Pan Centerpiece
    Another inexpensive and creative centerpiece, this one uses a bundt pan from the kitchen and white tulips to create a showstopper!
    Get the how-to from Ruffled.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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