10 Cheerful Rainbow Crafts

10 cheerful rainbow craft projects from

So here’s the thing. As a product of the 80s, my love for rainbows knows no bounds. I don’t care if it’s fall and the air is crisp and the days are growing darker. The fact of the matter is, I rocked some serious Rainbow Brite sheets on my bed back in the day and I’m not afraid to admit it. I suppose this may in part explain why I love everything rainbows touch. Nothing says cheerful and happy quite like a rainbow, am I wrong? So while summer is fading into nothing more than a memory, here are 10 cheerful rainbow crafts to keep the sunshine spirit lasting all year long!

  • Rainbow Door Mat 1 of 10
    Rainbow Door Mat
    I love love love this door mat! Made from pine boards and threaded rods, it's a great project for those handy with a drill!
    Get the how-to at Lowes.
  • Rainbow Felt Garland 2 of 10
    Rainbow Felt Garland
    These darling felt ball garland is so sweet! It's made from ready-made felt balls threaded together.
    Get the how-to at Oh Happy Day.
  • Rainbow Wand 3 of 10
    Rainbow Wand
    Every little girl fancies herself a fairy now and again. Now you can whip up this fun little rainbow wand to keep her entertained for hours!
    Get the how-to at IcingDesigns.
  • Rainbow Crayons 4 of 10
    Rainbow Crayons
    These jumbo rainbow crayons are perfect for toddlers and can be made from the chunks of broken crayons you already have lying around the house!
    Get the how-to at Momtastic.
  • Rainbow Streamers 5 of 10
    Rainbow Streamers
    How fun are these bright and punchy rainbow streamers? Make your own using sheets of tissue paper, scissors and a staple. It's that easy!
    Get the how-to at Studio DIY.
  • Rainbow Paper Garland 6 of 10
    Rainbow Paper Garland
    By now you all should know that I just adore garlands. This rainbow-hued paper garland is no exception!
    Get the how-to at Minnie Co.
  • Rainbow Playdough 7 of 10
    Rainbow Playdough
    I always loved making homemade playdough in my preschool days! Now you can relieve the childhood fun with ingredients you already have in your pantry!
    Get the how-to at Hellobee.
  • Rainbow Roses 8 of 10
    Rainbow Roses
    How beautiful would a cluster of these stunning rainbow roses be at your next dinner party? All you need to get started is some dye!
    Get the how-to at Royal Ozca.
  • Rainbow Necklace 9 of 10
    Rainbow Necklace
    Have a bunch of colored pencils that have seen better days? Turn them into a super fun necklace!
    Get the how-to at Minnie Co.
  • Rainbow Photo Backdrop 10 of 10
    Rainbow Photo Backdrop
    While definitely time intensive, the process of making this super cool photo backdrop is as easy as cutting and hanging strips of colored paper!
    Get the how-to at Oh My Deer.

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