10 Ways to Refashion Old Shirts

10 awesome ways to refashion old t-shirts from

I always love the look of a great t-shirt paired with the perfect pair of comfy jeans. What do I love even more? Saving a buck and gaining extra mileage out of clothing I already own. Lately I’ve been seeing so many cool ways to refashion old t-shirts to make them one of a kind pieces your closet will be happy to hold. We’re talking ombre, stripes, neon, cool zippers, big bows – the works! Want to give new life to one of your old workout tees or that oversized shirt your guy doesn’t wear anymore? Here are 10 cool ways to refashion old shirts! Bonus: A few of them are even no-sew ideas perfect for those of you who, like me, do better with painter’s tape and spray paint than a needle and thread.

  • Ombre T-Shirt 1 of 10
    Ombre T-Shirt
    Much cheaper and more fun than it's designer counterparts, this awesome ombre t-shirts is as easy as whipping out an old shirt and some pretty dye!
    Get the tutorial at A Pair and a Spare.
  • Rocking Workout Tee 2 of 10
    Rocking Workout Tee
    I love this tie-bottom top - it's perfect workout gear! All you need is cool old concert or graphic tee and scissors!
    Get the tutorial at The Craft Caboodle.
  • Neon Striped T-Shirt 3 of 10
    Neon Striped T-Shirt
    Here it's all about jazzing up an old t-shirt with neon stripes. You love neon. You love stripes. You know you want this shirt.
    Get the tutorial at Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard.
  • Braided T-Shirt Bracelets 4 of 10
    Braided T-Shirt Bracelets
    A cool, chunky take on the classic friendship bracelet, these braided bangles are made from (you guessed it!) old t-shirts.
    Get the tutorial at Henry Happened.
  • Men’s Polo Turned Ladies Top 5 of 10
    Men's Polo Turned Ladies Top
    To get this cute look, snag a polo shirt from your favorite dude and deck it out with a cute bow and girly cap sleeves!
    Get the tutorial from Grey Luster Girl.
  • Lace Embellished Tee 6 of 10
    Lace Embellished Tee
    Everyone loves a pretty embellished tee. An old t-shirt gussied up with lace tape does the trick nicely!
    Get the tutorial at Sweet Verbena.
  • Flutter Flower Tee 7 of 10
    Flutter Flower Tee
    This flutter flower tee might be my favorite of the bunch! It's just as chic as the ones in boutiques but a lot cheaper.
    Get the tutorial at Momma Go Round.
  • Striped Maternity Shirt 8 of 10
    Striped Maternity Shirt
    What do you get when you marry two old men's shirts? Why, the cutest striped maternity shirt ever!
    Get the tutorial at Cotton & Curls.
  • Peak-a-Boo Bow Shirt 9 of 10
    Peak-a-Boo Bow Shirt
    Another designer-inspired look, this t-shirt has been refashioned with the prettiest sheer back and a big bow!
    Get the tutorial at Inspiration and Realisation.
  • 80s Inspired Zipper Tee 10 of 10
    80s Inspired Zipper Tee
    Rockin' a cool 80s vibe, I love this draped zipper tee made from a basic, oversized t-shirt.
    Get the tutorial at Dana's Fashion Blog.


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