Rooms Inspired By 5 Favorite Romantic Movies

‘Tis the season for over-the-top romantic movies. And hallelujah! There is nothing more satisfying than sitting on the couch with the one you love and a fresh bowl of popcorn. Except maybe for the joy of swooning over the set design and pausing the movie to say to yourself, “OH MY GOSH WHERE CAN I FIND THAT SOFA!?”

After the jump, my favorite rooms inspired by my favorite romantic movies, and sources for those key pieces to recreate those rooms in your own home! This was so fun to put together. I hope you enjoy it!

  • Out of Africa 1 of 20
    Out of Africa
    The ULTIMATE romantic movie, yes? I don't know what touched me more about this movie: the moving and tragic romance between Meryl Streep and Robert Redford or THAT AMAZING HOUSE! Recreating this set in my own home would be an absolute pleasure.
    Image via Hooked On Houses
  • Out of Africa 2 of 20
    Out of Africa
    This amazing wicker arm chair is going to look so good next to your white linen and riding boots.
    Buy this item from Wayfair, $126.20
  • Out of Africa 3 of 20
    Out of Africa
    Something substantial, masculine and visually arresting to place your delicate tea cups on, please.
    Buy this item from West Elm, $159
  • Out of Africa 4 of 20
    Out of Africa
    This rug might just top the whole look off, what do you say?
    Buy this item from Pottery Barn, $49-$499
  • Crazy Stupid Love 5 of 20
    Crazy Stupid Love
    How lovely was this movie? And how lovely were Ryan Gosling's abs? I mean, his furnishings? His apartment was a modern bachelor pad of epic proportions. Here's how you can recreate the look ...
    Image via Lainey Gossip
  • Crazy Stupid Love 6 of 20
    Crazy Stupid Love
    First you're going to need a mod, white sectional. This one from Overstock might do you nicely.
    Buy this item from Overstock, $2,099
  • Crazy Stupid Love 7 of 20
    Crazy Stupid Love
    This lamp will look good in any room you put it in. ANY ROOM.
    Buy this item from DWR, $2,696
  • Crazy Stupid Love 8 of 20
    Crazy Stupid Love
    Don't forget your zebra.
    Buy this item from West Elm, $599
  • Pretty in Pink 9 of 20
    Pretty in Pink
    Oh, Andie Walsh, I still think you should have chosen Duckie. But your room! Let's see how we can recreate this one, for all the teenagers out there!
    Image via Flavorwire
  • Pretty in Pink 10 of 20
    Pretty in Pink
    Lace curtains make such a delightful counterpoint for teenage angst, yes?
    Buy this item from Country Curtains, $39
  • Pretty in Pink 11 of 20
    Pretty in Pink
    Perfect for perching while penning brooding diary entries.
    Buy this item from Urban Outfitters, $99
  • Pretty in Pink 12 of 20
    Pretty in Pink
    Commit to it 100% — that's my only advice for you on this one.
    Buy this item from All Modern, $70
  • You’ve Got Mail 13 of 20
    You've Got Mail
    Easily one of the best movies ever made on this planet (oh, yes), You've Got Mail had a set design with a lovely, romantic, shabby chic aesthetic.
    Image via Apartment Therapy
  • You’ve Got Mail 14 of 20
    You've Got Mail
    Rumor has it Kathleen's bedding in the film was made by Yves Delorme. While her exact duvet is not in stock, this one captures that same feminine feel. Just add daisies to the night stand and some framed swans above the headboard, and you're set.
    Buy this item from Classic Iron Beds, $1,200
  • You’ve Got Mail 15 of 20
    You've Got Mail
    Kathleen's furniture is feminine, soft, and ruffly, just like this (inexpensive!) sofa from Target. Just add pillows and throws. (Optional: a million used Kleenex.)
    Buy this item from Target, $109
  • You’ve Got Mail 16 of 20
    You've Got Mail
    Don't forget your bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils! (Don't you love New York in the fall?)
    Image via Flickr
  • Amelie 17 of 20
    Could there be a more quirky and romantic movie than Amelie? It is also one of my favorite movies for design scouting. How delightful and off-beat is her bedroom?
    Image via Flavor Wire
  • Amelie 18 of 20
    This bed is a near exact replica!
    You can buy this item from L.L. Bean, $499
  • Amelie 19 of 20
    Hang these prints on a flowery, textured red wallpaper and you're set!
    You can buy these from Art Hound, here and here, $14.99 each
  • Amelie 20 of 20
    Speaking of red wallpaper — while this chrysanthemum pattern isn't an exact replica of that found in Amelie's bedroom, it's pretty darn close.
    Buy this item from Amazon, $39.98

Main image via Flavorwire

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