Save Money and Time with Freezer-Friendly Meals

Busy family lives often mean eating out on the go. Drive-thru fast food may be convenient but it can cost your family budget more than you can afford. It can also ensure your diet is anything but healthy. Time is one reason families are missing the dinner table so it is important to reconsider your strategies for creating healthy meals that are just as convenient as the drive-thru.

Here are 5 freezer-friendly family foods to prepare in advance which save you money and gives your family more together time at the table…

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    save money with freezer friendly meals

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  • Casseroles and Soup 2 of 6

    There is nearly no limit to what you can find on the Internet today. Collect several recipes for tasty casseroles or soups that contain the ingredients you already have in your pantry. Spend a few hours over the weekend or after the kids go to bed making large batches of the recipes. Pop them in the freezer with the reheating directions taped to the lid. Most dishes can reheat in just a few minutes and leftovers will be convenient for the next day too. 

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  • Fresh Fruits and Veggies 3 of 6

    Rather than having the kids hit the candy bags when they want a snack, prepare fresh fruits and veggies ahead of time for the freezer. Make grab bags for kids with mixed berries and other fruits that are easy to take out of the freezer in smaller portion sizes. Precut veggies are not only great for snacking but also make it easy to add fresh ingredients when cooking meals. Many families purchase fresh produce that ends up going bad before it can get eaten. Freezing is a much better alternative than tossing wasted food every week.

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  • TV Dinner Styles 4 of 6

    Many dollar stores sell all sorts of inexpensive plastic containers suitable for the freezer. Select a few with separated compartments. When you prepare a family dinner, repackage the leftovers in the containers like a single serve TV dinner. This is great for the nights when mom or dad has to fend for themselves and prevents the leftovers from going bad in the refrigerator.

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  • Lunchmeats and Cheeses 5 of 6

    If you family only eats the occasional sandwich, lunch meat and sliced cheeses can go bad quickly. Get into the habit of repackaging your meats and cheese after purchase by placing waxed paper between the slices and sealing the stack in a freezer bag. The wax paper will make it easy to take just the slices you. Be sure to freeze before the ‘sell by' date so you won't be freezing meats that are already questionable.

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  • Single-Serve Desserts 6 of 6

    When making your casseroles and other batch recipes, you can also make desserts like pies and brownies and freeze them in single-serve containers. This will help prevent desserts from being wasted and allow your sweet tooth to be satisfied whenever you need something tasty. They can be left to thaw ahead of time or defrosted in the microwave. 

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