Sew Up a Quick Puppet Theater Curtain

My girls love to play with puppets, but we have been lacking in the puppet theater department. So I stitched up this simple curtain to help them pretend play.

Supplies for a Puppet Theater Curtain:

  • 1 yard of fabric, any color or style
  • sewing machine or needle and thread
  • pins
  • spring tension curtain rod – big enough for a doorway

The best part is I found the gorgeous fabric ON SALE from my local fabric store. It’s the good stuff, the expensive stuff, and it was half off, score! And it’s super playful and perfect for this curtain.

Step 1:

  • Step 1 1 of 10
    Step 1
    Supplies: you'll need your fabric, pins, small scissors for cutting thread, and a sewing machine. If you don't have a sewing machine, you can stitch this up easily with a needle and thread.
  • Step 2 2 of 10
    Step 2
    Fold over the top of your fabric 1/4 inch down.
  • Step 3 3 of 10
    Step 3
    Fold over that same top fabric another 1-1/4 inch and pin it down all the way across.
  • Step 4 4 of 10
    Step 4
    You'll want to make sure the fold is wide enough to fit your curtain rod.
  • Step 5 5 of 10
    Step 5
    Sew on the inside of the fold, the area where it is folded twice, and remove the pins as you go.
  • Step 6 6 of 10
    Step 6
    Turn the fabric around and hem up the bottom of the fabric as well.
  • Step 7 7 of 10
    Step 7
    I folded the bottom hem up 1/4 of an inch and pinned it in place. Sew up the hem with your sewing machine. *NOTE: I didn't sew the sides of the fabric as it was the selvedge edge and didn't need to be hemmed. But you can hem up both sides of this curtain if you'd like. Just make sure to do it before you stitch the top of the curtain.
  • Step 8 8 of 10
    Step 8
    Slide your curtain rod through the top of the fabric in the hole.
  • Step 9 9 of 10
    Step 9
    Attach your rod to a doorway, allowing the curtain to just barely touch the floor.
  • Step 10 10 of 10
    Step 10
    Now it's ready for a few puppets to play with and put on a show!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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