Shop Terrain: My Favorite Picks

Have you ever shopped at Terrain? I’ve recently become obsessed with Terrain, the “sister shop” of Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, specializing in home and garden offerings. Probably I am so obsessed because I don’t have a yard of my own to garden in? Either way, Terrain is one of my favorite online stops to “window shop” through as I wind down from a busy day.

Some of this stuff is truly out there, price-wise (and I’m assuming quality-wise, too). I’ve heard that shopping in a physical Terrain location is nothing short of awe inspiring. So after the jump, I’ve rounded up a few of my “yeah right” aspirational wish-list items, as well as a few of my favorite “Hey, I could actually afford this!” items. ¬†Fun, right?

  • Garden Push Cart 1 of 23
    Garden Push Cart
    Buy Here
  • Okubo Shears 2 of 23
    Okubo Shears
    Buy Here
  • Marshmallow Twig Roaster 3 of 23
    Marshmallow Twig Roaster
    Amazing. $18.00
    Buy Here
  • Petite Watering Can 4 of 23
    Petite Watering Can
    Buy Here
  • Beer Garden Table And Bench 5 of 23
    Beer Garden Table And Bench
    Buy Here
  • Essex Reader 6 of 23
    Essex Reader
    Cute. $37.88
    Buy Here
  • Chicken Kitchen Timer 7 of 23
    Chicken Kitchen Timer
    Say that three times fast. $13.00
    Buy Here
  • Organic Gray Sea Salt 8 of 23
    Organic Gray Sea Salt
    Would make a fantastic hostess gift. $12.00
    Buy Here
  • Nine Drawer Console 9 of 23
    Nine Drawer Console
    Buy Here
  • Printed Pickle Jar 10 of 23
    Printed Pickle Jar
    How much do I love this? So much. (They have one for jams and handmade herb mixes, too). $8.00
    Buy Here
  • Wicker And Metal Cart 11 of 23
    Wicker And Metal Cart
    Vintage. $698.00
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  • Copper Watering Can 12 of 23
    Copper Watering Can
    Too rich for my blood, but oh gorgeous! $98.00
    Buy Here
  • Hanging Acorn Ornament 13 of 23
    Hanging Acorn Ornament
    Under $10, at $6.95.
    Buy Here
  • Flower Finial Cloche 14 of 23
    Flower Finial Cloche
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  • Blueberry Basil Jam 15 of 23
    Blueberry Basil Jam
    Now we're talking. $12.00
    Buy Here
  • Wire Dome Pendant Light 16 of 23
    Wire Dome Pendant Light
    Buy Here
  • Porcelain Nested Measuring Cups 17 of 23
    Porcelain Nested Measuring Cups
    Buy Here
  • Slate Tufted Sofa 18 of 23
    Slate Tufted Sofa
    Buy Here
  • Thrown Casserole Dish 19 of 23
    Thrown Casserole Dish
    Buy Here
  • Honey Cluster Necklace 20 of 23
    Honey Cluster Necklace
    Christmas is coming up, isn't it? $57.95
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  • Orion Long Handled Spade 21 of 23
    Orion Long Handled Spade
    What is this, a solid gold shovel? I want it. $258.
    Buy Here
  • Petite Covered Cassarole 22 of 23
    Petite Covered Cassarole
    Buy Here
  • Urban Apiaries Honey 23 of 23
    Urban Apiaries Honey
    Buy Here

What do you think? But really, how rad are those shears?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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