12 Simple Solutions for Everyday Problems

Now that the hubby and I are home together every day, we have to make a few changes. It’s time to streamline, simplify, and make our home more manageable for tag teaming.

I’m writing all day. He’s coding all day. And, the girls? They’re making messes all over the house in between.

It’s going to take some time to work out who does what and how we’ll stay organized. I’m on the hunt for not just storage and office ideas but simple home tricks to make things easier. Because the rest of our life is about to get a whole lot more complicated.

Here are 12 simple solutions to common household problems:

  • Slipping Dish Towel 1 of 12
    Slipping Dish Towel
    We've always kept a dish towel on the stove handle — for drying hands and quick cleanup. But, I think it just creates extra work since I have to toss in the laundry every time it slips off and hits the floor. Velcro to the rescue!
    Photo and tutorial via Martha Stewart
  • Stripped Screws 2 of 12
    Stripped Screws
    We've spent two weeks hanging dry erase boards, moving pictures, and putting together simple office furniture as we set up our space. One stripped screw can throw off the whole process. Who knew a simple rubber-band could solve all our problems?
    Photo and tutorial via Apartment Therapy
  • Dispensing Medicine 3 of 12
    Dispensing Medicine
    Now that we're both home, housekeeping and child care are more evenly split. That means we need a way to keep track of who does what. This will be especially important when it comes to something like this. Keep track of medicine dosage right on the bottle — brilliant!
    Photo and tutorial via 4Tunate
  • Missing Socks 4 of 12
    Missing Socks
    The giant laundry basket (okay, two) full of mismatched socks has gotten a little overwhelming. I love the idea of giving each person a mesh bag for their dirty socks. Zip it up each week, throw it in the laundry, and return all their socks at once.
    Photo and tutorial via I'm a Lazy Mom
  • Shrinking Clothes 5 of 12
    Shrinking Clothes
    The hubby is awesome at pitching in on the laundry. This is kind of an issue when I'm washing things that cannot be dried. Enter the dry erase marker — so smart!
    Read more laundry tips at The Binkertation
  • Messy Linens 6 of 12
    Messy Linens
    I've got a mean fitted sheet fold, but I love the idea of tucking full sets together. This way, it's grab 'n go, ready for anyone in the house to change the sheets.
    Photo and tutorial via Imperfect Homemaking
  • Fallen Boots 7 of 12
    Fallen Boots
    Okay, so this one isn't really going to make life easier for the hubby. But, it will make my awesome boots last a little longer. Now is the time to get the best deal on a pool noodle to stand up your tall boots.
    Photo and tutorial via Boutique Narelle
  • Cluttered Backpacks 8 of 12
    Cluttered Backpacks
    Here's a solution I stumbled on accidentally several years ago! Even mid-summer, this is making my life easier. We store softball bags, library bags, and road trip bags right on the door with our Christmas wreath hanger.
    Photo and tutorial via Back to School Resource
  • Bedside Cell Phone 9 of 12
    Bedside Cell Phone
    Instead of fighting over the longest cell phone cord (you know, so it doesn't get lost behind the bed), we each keep our own cord attached to the nightstand with a simple binder clip. It has worked beautifully!
    Read more at Wired
  • Trashy Car 10 of 12
    Trashy Car
    A cereal box lined with plastic bags makes a perfect trash can for your vehicle. My friend Casey even added velcro to the side of hers, holding it in place.
    Photo and tutorial via Better Homes & Gardens
  • Wire Shelves 11 of 12
    Wire Shelves
    Our wire shelved pantry can be so annoying. Small boxes don't stand up straight, cans tip, and small packets fall right through. A $12 box of self-stick tiles may be the perfect solution.
    Photo and tutorial via The Kranz Family
  • Shower Caddy 12 of 12
    Shower Caddy
    A caddy doesn't sit straight on our shower head. Plus, everything is soaked all the time since it's right under the water. Mount a coat hook on the other side of the shower instead for a drier, out-of-the-way solution.
    Photo and more shower solutions via Color Coded

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