Slimmer Waist, Fatter Wallet: 10 Ways to Lose Weight on a Budget

January is nearly over — how are those New Year’s resolutions coming along?

One of the most popular resolutions is always to lose weight. In fact, I started my own fitness challenge just a few weeks ago. If you’ve had a hard time sticking with a new fitness plan, it’s not too late to start over. It’s difficult, though, when you’re also working towards a better budget.

Healthy foods can get expensive. Gym memberships are a big obligation. But, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to lose weight. Here are 10 great ways to get fit on a budget:

  • Drink Water 1 of 10
    Drink Water
    Not only can drinking water aid weight loss, but if you're replacing pricier sodas and juice drinks, you'll be saving money and calories. Two years ago, I kicked a $10/week soda habit — and lost 6 pounds before I ever did another thing.
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  • Eat Less 2 of 10
    Eat Less
    When I started measuring proper portions, I learned that we'd been eating far too much at each meal. Now, I can feed my family dinner and lunch on the same budget. This Meal Measure tool can help you quickly and easily plate a smaller amount of food.
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  • Discount Gym Memberships 3 of 10
    Discount Gym Memberships
    Keep an eye on promotions, trial periods, and daily deal offers to save on your gym membership. You may also consider splitting the cost with a friend, when a membership includes unlimited guest passes.
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  • Fitness Class Deals 4 of 10
    Fitness Class Deals
    Check with churches and community centers for free and frugal fitness classes. The hubby and I are taking a ballroom dance class at my church next month — and it's completely free! You'll also find boot camp, Pilates, and yoga classes on daily deal sites for a significant discount.
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  • Workout at Home 5 of 10
    Workout at Home
    Skip the pricey memberships with good, old-fashioned gym workouts. You remember how it goes — pushups, situps, jumping jacks. They'll get your blood pumping and help tone muscles. Check out YouTube for fitness and workout videos.
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  • Buy Used 6 of 10
    Buy Used
    Fitness equipment gets discarded left and right when people give up on their plans. Check thrift stores, yard sales, and used sporting goods stores for great prices on weights, treadmills, and more. My mismatched hand weights came from Play It Again Sports.
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  • Make Do 7 of 10
    Make Do
    If you don't have weights and can't find a good deal, use what you already have. Canned goods or water bottles work for light lifting when you're just starting a fitness program.
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  • Plan Meals 8 of 10
    Plan Meals
    I plan my meals and snacks around the grocery store ads. That way, I can pick the least expensive of the healthy foods each week. I snacked on strawberries all last week after hitting a great sale. This week, it's all about apples and oranges.
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  • Make It Fun 9 of 10
    Make It Fun
    I am loving the idea of this workout timed to a 30-minute television show. I also like to workout with the kids — Just Dance is a seriously fun way to get your sweat on.
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  • Find Support 10 of 10
    Find Support
    Having a support system is a huge (and free!) key to success with weight loss. Becoming a part of the Mamavation community helped me lose 20 pounds.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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