Spooky Science: 10 Experiments for Halloween

We’re raising 3 geeky girls around here.

They watch Doctor Who. They read maps for fun. They watch science shows on weekends. So, I’m always looking for ideas to give them the science they crave with the fun kids love. Enter home science experiments.

The girls love their annual science fair, especially when we get to play with candy, and Halloween is the perfect time to do a little more experimenting.

With just a few basic ingredients at home, the kids can explore the world of science with a spooky twist.

Here are 10 fun projects for October:

  • Pumpkin Investigation 1 of 10
    This is a great experiment for young children to do before you decorate your pumpkins. Find out if pumpkins sink or float, hypothesize about the number of seeds, take measurements — kids will love to explore and learn about the pumpkins.
    Read more at Pigtails and Tutus
  • Pumpkin Rot 2 of 10
    I love how this mom turned a dropped pumpkin accident into a fun learning experience. See what happens to a pumpkin over time when it's left on its own.
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  • Creepy Density 3 of 10
    A density experiment is always interesting, but the colors in this make it perfect for Halloween!
    Read more at Science Spark
  • Glowing Reactions 4 of 10
    When you dilute yellow highlighter ink in water, it will glow under a blacklight! Then, check out these great experiments with baking soda or vinegar.
    Read more at Play at Home Mom
  • Bubbling Brew 5 of 10
    Oh, this one is perfect for Halloween! All you'll need is vinegar, liquid soap, food coloring, and baking soda to get this awesome frothy brew.
    Read more at Se7en
  • Gooey Slime 6 of 10
    Flubber and slime are always fun activities for kids, especially this time of year. It is a very simple process with glue, food coloring, and borax.
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  • Oozing Pumpkin 7 of 10
    Steve Spangler has the best Halloween experiments. The oozing pumpkin can even be created with a kid-friendly elephant toothpaste mix.
    Read more at Steve Spangler
  • Candy Experiments 8 of 10
    Candy science is my girls' favorite, and this is an entire site dedicated to playing with candy!
    Read more at Candy Experiments
  • Witch’s Brew 9 of 10
    With the chemicals involved, this experiment is definitely not one for the kids to do themselves, but they will love the color reactions!
    Read more at What to Expect
  • Alien Eyeball 10 of 10
    This is s cool twist on the egg membrane experiment. Turn your deshelled eggs into rubbery monster eyeballs.
    Read more at Kitchen Pantry Scientist

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