Spring Cleaning: 12 Things to Do to Spruce Up Your Home

I don’t love cleaning. Funny enough, some of my closest friends love to clean, but somehow I didn’t inherit that gene. I do like to give my place a good cleaning every now and again though, and spring is the perfect time to do it. I wasn’t quite sure what I needed to tackle for my spring cleaning project, so naturally, I Googled it. I found 12 great tips that I think will make a big difference in my place, and I think could help you as well. Click through the slideshow to see the tips I found!

  • 12 Useful Spring Cleaning Tips 1 of 13
    12 Useful Spring Cleaning Tips
    Click through the slideshow to see the tips!
  • Washing Machine 2 of 13
    Washing Machine
    Your washing machine can get grimy too - give it a refresh with this natural recipe.
    Learn more at Love, Pomegranate House
  • Ceiling Fans 3 of 13
    Ceiling Fans
    Get rid of all of the dust on your ceiling fans without getting it all over the place.
    Learn more at Real Simple
  • Grout Scrub 4 of 13
    Grout Scrub
    Freshen up the bathroom by giving the grout a much needed scrub.
    Learn more at Hometalk
  • Closet Cleaning 5 of 13
    Closet Cleaning
    You'll need to tuck away your winter clothing as well as prepare your warmer weather wardrobe.
    Learn more at PopSugar
  • Scrub the Microwave 6 of 13
    Scrub the Microwave
    Remove all of the built up grime on the inside of one of your most used appliances.
    Learn more at Tip Nut
  • Windows and Window Tracks 7 of 13
    Windows and Window Tracks
    Wash all of your windows with these environmentally friendly tips - and don't forget to remove all of the grime from the tracks as well!
    Learn more at Ask Anna
  • Mattress Refresh 8 of 13
    Mattress Refresh
    Use a combination of natural ingredients to give your old mattress a complete refresh.
    Learn more at One Good Thing
  • Stove Burners 9 of 13
    Stove Burners
    Clean your stove burners - no scrubbing required!
    Learn more at The V Spot
  • Clean the Oven 10 of 13
    Clean the Oven
    Scrub out the oven - and this awesome post even tells you how to get between the glass!
    Learn more at Ask Anna
  • Garbage Disposal 11 of 13
    Garbage Disposal
    Clean the garbage disposal with this natural recipe, free of chemicals.
    Learn more at Fun Home Things
  • Freshen Up the Carpets 12 of 13
    Freshen Up the Carpets
    Get rid of those stubborn carpet stains with this magical recipe.
    Learn more at Lizzy Writes
  • Clean Fridge 13 of 13
    Clean Fridge
    Scrub out the interior of the fridge, but then give the outside of your fridge a re-do with these tips.
    Learn more at The Cards We Drew

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