Surprising Uses for Q-Tips!


It’s bad news at our house when we run out of Q-Tips. Just yesterday, as I used the last in my stash, I realized how freakishly dependent I’ve become on the little guys. I use them for everything, from cleaning and beauty supplies to, in a pinch, arts and crafts supplies.

So I figured I’d share a few of my favorite Q-Tip tricks with you after the jump, including a few genius ideas you might not have thought of!

  • Q-Tips happen to make excellent paint brushes for small people (i.e., yo kids).
  • Dusting with a Q-Tip only sounds anal retentive. Actually it is a pleasure.
  • Ever have to glue things together that are small and you start to wish you had a small-type implement? Duh!
  • Furthermore, applying glue to your false lashes is a Q-Tip’s favorite thing to do.
  • It’s Halloween. You need to paint your kid a ghostly white. Heck no you’re not using your expensive make up brushes!
  • Q-Tips are the perfect size for clearing baby toe jam.
  • They’re also really good for applying medication to small cuts and burns.
  • Eyeshadow.
  • Fix make up mistakes! This is my favorite Q-Tip use. Especially when I’ve accidentally Pamela Andersoned my lips and need to take off an inch or two of lipstick.
  • Remove eye shadow creases and other make up build up after a long day. You know how gross it is in the corner of your eyes sometimes?
  • Traveling with perfume is a pain. Especially if your bottle is glass and fragile. This one is a gem: saturate a few Q-Tips with your favorite perfume then lock ’em up in a zippered sandwich bag. Taduh! I know, I’ve just changed your life.
  • Oh! This one is a game changer. You know when your candle is burned so low you can’t light it anymore without hurting yourself? Dip the end of your Q-Tip into rubbing alcohol and light it. The alcohol lets it burn longer in place so you can stick your hand all the way in and light it and then get out of there before burning yourself. Douse completely with water to put the swab out. Or don’t, and it can be your mini Indiana Jones torch for exploring mini Indiana Jones caves.
  • Getting the last of your favorite lipstick out of the tube. We’re talking days of extra use here!
  • Polka dots for DIY wrapping paper!

What are your favorite uses for Q-Tips?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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