Surrounding My Children With Books

I love to read. Which is kind of an understatement for the amount of books I read. I read classics, trashy novels, pop fiction, nonfiction, young adult — you name it, I read it.

I’ve tried to instill that same love of reading in my girls.

The oldest was a complete success — her first word was book, she carries books in her purse, and we often read the same novels. The younger two are a bit more of a challenge, but I’m working on it this summer with the library program.

It helps that they’re immersed in books. We have bookshelves in every room of the house — yes, even the bathroom. I have the books sorted, a bit, for each room — short, bathroom reads go, well, in the bathroom. Books I don’t mind people knowing I read go in the living room. Cookbooks in the kitchen. Top secret, trashy novels in the bedroom. Current reads by my bedside.

It’s a delicate system, but it works for us. Sort of. The hubby recently had to reorganize his books to make more room for mine, because they were kind of leaking into the rest of the living. And the bedroom. And the car. He believes this means it’s time to purge my books. I believe it just means we need to find more places to store them.

Here are a few great ways to work books into any room:

  • Under the Bed 1 of 12
    Under the Bed
    The teen ran out of room on her bookshelves long ago. She keeps an underbed storage tote filled with paperback novels, but I love this idea of building a book drawer!
    Photo and more space saving ideas at dornob
  • Reading Nook 2 of 12
    Reading Nook
    Create a reading nook for kids by displaying books covers out. This one uses vinyl rain gutters! It's easy, inexpensive, and is a great way to get kids reading.
    Photo and tutorial via Sunshine on the Inside
  • Library Tote 3 of 12
    Library Tote
    I keep my borrowed books in a tote that I can carry with me when it's time to return them. This one just cracks me up!
    Buy It from Zazzle
  • Faux Built-In 4 of 12
    Faux Built-In
    My friend J created this bookshelf wall from a few individual bookcases. I love that it looks like a built-in, on a much lower budget.
    Photo and tutorial via Budgets Are Sexy
  • Under the Stairs 5 of 12
    Under the Stairs
    This one has my wheels turning — we do have some space under the stairs, if we're willing to tear into the drywall and open it up. It's a great way to take advantage of unused space.
    See more at Plastolux
  • Window Seat 6 of 12
    Window Seat
    We have a little nook under our bedroom window just begging for a window seat. This is going on the honey do list, for sure!
    Photo and tutorial via This Old House
  • Over the Door 7 of 12
    Over the Door
    Display some favorite books above the door, out of the way. It's a great way to keep treasured books away from little hands.
    Photo and tutorial via The Little House in the City
  • Hidden Door 8 of 12
    Hidden Door
    How cool is this? Create a bookcase door for a secret entrance with this step by step plan. I would love to combine added book storage with a top secret door!
    Photo and tutorial via Gary Katz
  • Behind the Couch 9 of 12
    Behind the Couch
    We had a bookcase custom built to fit across the back of the couch in our open floor plan. It provides support, adds a sofa table, and gives the back of the couch a cleaner look in an open space.
    Photo and tutorial via HGTV
  • In the Kitchen 10 of 12
    In the Kitchen
    I store my cookbooks on a shelf in one of the kitchen cabinets, but I love this under the cabinet shelf to hold cookbooks or recipe cards.
    Photo and tutorial via Beneath My Heart
  • On the Nightstand 11 of 12
    On the Nightstand
    A 2-shelf bookcase or cubby is the perfect height to double as a nightstand. Mine holds a few books I haven't read yet, my alarm clock, cell phone, and anything else I want to keep bedside.
    Buy It from Home Depot
  • On the Desk 12 of 12
    On the Desk
    Keep a few books, magazines or catalogs handy with this DIY desktop organizer. Made with a few brackets, a board, and moulding, you can give your bookshelf as much personality as you have!
    Photo and tutorial via This Old House

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