Talk Like a Pirate Day: Deals, Crafts, and Ideas to Celebrate

Two of my favorite things come together on September 19th — silly, random holidays and pirates. Captain Hook, Jack Sparrow — I adore you, me hearties!

Wednesday, September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Forget this national holiday stuff. Pirates dream way bigger — and we have big deals, fun crafts, and clever ideas to help you celebrate. And, all you have to do is let loose an “Arrr!” or two, mates.

You can annoy your friends, tell goofy pirate jokes to your kids (How much does a pirate pay to get his ear pieced? A buccaneer!), and — most importantly — score free food with your knowledge of pirate English.

Check out these 12 freebies, crafts, and DIYs for Talk Like a Pirate Day:

  • Facebook Language 1 of 12
    Facebook Language
    Go to Account Settings --> Language, and select English (Pirate) to Talk Like a Pirate on Facebook all day. You can "Arr!" yer hearties status updates, read what scallywags be scrawlin' on yer posts, and blabber to yer mates.
  • Pirate Ship Cake 2 of 12
    Pirate Ship Cake
    You guys, how cute is this cake? Made with pretzel rods, pretzels, and candy, the ship would be a fabulous surprise for the kids on Pirate Day.
    Read more at Naneki
  • Pirate Handprint 3 of 12
    Pirate Handprint
    If you love handprint crafts for kids, check this out! The pirate print is super creative and perfect as a fun activity for tomorrow!
    Read more at Fun Handprint Art
  • Egg Carton Ships 4 of 12
    Egg Carton Ships
    Make a whole fleet of pirate ships with this egg carton craft. Simple, cute, and the kids can play pirates all week!
    Read more at Kaboose
  • Healthy Snacks 5 of 12
    Healthy Snacks
    Keep your pirates fed with these fun but healthy snacks. I am loving the pirate banana — and not just because I'll eat anything with strawberries and chocolate chips.
    Read more at Little Page Turners
  • Pepper Boat 6 of 12
    Pepper Boat
    Carve a red pepper boat, fill with chicken or tuna salad, and top with a cheese sail. It's another fun, healthy treat for your little pirates!
    Read more at Family Fun
  • Jello Boats 7 of 12
    Jello Boats
    This one is part sweet, part healthy with the orange slice boat. The post includes a printable template for your pirate sails.
    Read more at Make and Takes
  • Free Donuts 8 of 12
    Free Donuts
    Talk like a pirate or wear an eye patch for a free Krispy Kreme donut. Go all out in full pirate gear, and Krispy Kreme will treat you to a full dozen!
    Read more at Krispy Kreme (pdf)
  • Free Fish 9 of 12
    Free Fish
    You'll get a free piece of fish when you order like a pirate at participating Long John Silver's. They're actually the 1st place I remember offering a pirate special years ago.
  • Pirate Hook 10 of 12
    Pirate Hook
    Make your own pirate hook from a plastic cup and foil — so simple! Why didn't I think of that?
    Read more at Crafts and Art for Children
  • Geocaching 11 of 12
    Head out on your own treasure hunt this week. Geocaching is a fun, easy activity for the whole family.
    Photo Credit: Flickr user mycachemania
  • Treasure Chest Piñata 12 of 12
    Treasure Chest Piñata
    It's a treasure chest that's really filled with treasures! Make this piñata out of a cardboard box then fill with treats and trinkets for ye hearties.
    Read more at Fun Piñata Party Ideas

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