Tangle-Free Tech: Eliminate Cord Clutter

My family loves its technology. But it seems like every device comes with 10 more cords — and it’s easy to get tangled up in them.

From a home decor standpoint, cords are unsightly. When I remodeled our built-in entertainment unit, we designed it with a shallow, false back to hide all of the cords between the devices and the power cords.

(check out the original post to learn how we did it and see if it will work for you)

Check out two more quick and easy tips for cable management after the break!

Computers are the worst for creating unnecessary amounts of cable clutter. I’ve found two great tricks for keeping computer cables under control.

First: Try Ikea’s SIGNUM tray. In my house, we have a lot of built-in desks and cabinets. That’s the good news. But we’ve had to take the (scary) step of drilling holes in the back corners to pull the cords off the desks and under the surfaces. (Check out your local home improvement store for nifty plastic sleeves to fit inside the holes — and drill holes accordingly.) We’ve used different kinds of trays from Ikea to cut down on under-counter clutter: you mount the trays underneath your desk and put the cords on the tray, out of sight.


Ikea SIGNUM tray

the second tip is something my husband found at Home Depot … and I accuse him of being addicted to them. They’re VELCRO cable ties.

(You can get them as an add-on item at Amazon or at your local Home Depot.)

They’re great: you just loop them through the cord and use them to coil up cables for storage or to collect excess length.

Tip: turn them so the soft side is out to avoid snagging if you are packing cables!


These are just a couple of my favorite cable management tips … how do you control cable clutter in your home? Let me know in the comments!


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