Terrific Turkish Towels


I can never remember if ‘terrific’ is spelled with one F or two!

So, Turkish towels. For whatever reason, my mind has glommed onto Turkish towels as if the owning thereof would instantly make me far more interesting to my peers than I currently am. As if drying with a Turkish towel could unlock my inner something or other magical, and turn me truly… something. You know? Is this unreasonable? Possibly so.

In any case, I have been researching the market and the real benefit behind the towel of the Turks, and I am sharing the fruits of my weird little obsession with YOU, after the jump.

According to (sounds like an authority, no?), the Turkish towel is used as “an expression of hospitality,” a welcoming symbol to all who travel that here be sophisticated people! Turkish towels are made from pure cotton–not terry cloth. Terry cloth is the nubbly textured material used by us boors to dry off and make unfortunate gym shorts with. A really true Turkish towel is made with 100% Egyptian cotton, but 100% Long Staple Fine cotton is also appropriate. The weave is flat, almost like a blanket, but is said to be every bit as absorbent as terry cloth. Some Turkish towels come with little fringy tassels at the end, and oh but those make my heart go pitter-pat.

Also, a Turkish towel really ought to be made in Turkey.

(There are also Turkish towels made of Turkish cotton which look like regular towels and confuse me terribly, so we’ll pretend those don’t exist, for the purposes of my sanity. Okay?)

And now! A round up of pretty Turkish towels and where you can buy them!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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