The Average Prom Night Costs Parents $1,078! No Kidding! How to Save Money on Prom

I ran across this article that The Denver Post wrote about the extremely high-cost that parents are paying for their children to go to Prom. The average prom costs $1,078 and parents are footing the bill! How do you avoid those high-costs? You get creative and use Prom as a teachable, real-life event to teach your kids about money.

Click through the slideshow below for tips on how to cut costs.

  • Hair 1 of 7
    prom hair

    Have a student at a hair school do your daughters hair. It will most likely take longer to complete than you think it will so plan on that when scheduling out the day.

    Image by Maegan

  • Wrist Corsage 2 of 7

    Make your own corsages and boutonnieres. Pinterest is (luckily) stuffed full of tutorials like this one:  How To Make a Wrist Corsage Tutorial.

    Image by Tai Gray

  • Side Gigs 3 of 7

    Have your teen take on side jobs so you're not bearing the entire brunt of the Prom expenses. Teenagers can easily babysit, dog-walk, or house sit. 

    Image by Evil Erin

  • Don’t Buy New 4 of 7
    used dress

    Get the dress and suits used, on sale, from bridal consignment shops, Craigslist, or simply borrow a dress or suit from a friend.

    Image by What I Wore 

  • Dinner 5 of 7
    prom dinner

    Part of the fun of prom is getting all dressed up to go to a restaurant; when you're in high school that's a thrill. Look for Groupon deals to ease the cost.

    Image by mmechtley

  • Limo 6 of 7
    prom limo

    Instead of a limo, think about friends who might have a fun car your teen can borrow or have a large group chip in for the cost of the limo. If you do the borrow-a-car-from-a-friend option be sure to research the insurance coverage and talk with your friend to make sure you are all on the same page if the car doesn't come back in the same condition it left in.

    Image by Photodeus

  • After Prom 7 of 7
    prom after party

    Forgo the hotel room and go to the school’s after prom party. It will be far cheaper and you won't have to worry about STD's, pregnancies, and that whole slew of stuff. 

    Image by Joe Shlabotnik


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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