The Best Thing I Ever Did For My Bed

When it comes to beds, I like them filled with unimportant, completely unnecessary extras. Pillows, throw blankets, lacy this and satiny that? The more ridiculous the better.

But I will tell you one thing I cannot stand on my bed, and on which the removal thereof turned out to be a serious game changer, and which has now saved me countless hours of bed making and stress and mattressal woe. And I do mean countless!

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Top sheets! People! Do you hate your top sheets as much as I do? I strongly dislike top sheets is probably the nicer way of saying it.

My husband is an above-the-sheets sleeper. Always has been. As for me, if it’s there and it serves some kind of purpose, darned if I won’t use it exactly as called for and with precise precision. And so, essentially, I’d be trapped under a very stiff and unyielding scrap of fabric pulled tight from my husband’s body, while my husband had free reign of all his limbs and slept sounder than a tree. Rude.

And then somehow I would wake up in the morning either with the entirety of the top sheet twisted around my body, or else it had gotten kicked down to the very bottom of the mattress, thus ensuring a frustrating bed making exercise. And who needs that?

A few years ago I decided I’d had it. I’d had it! I ripped off the top sheet and never looked back. I later sewed all the top sheets I owned into makeshift duvet covers, for those times when you just need a duvet cover, any duvet cover will do, hurry up I need a duvet cover! Those times came up more often than I would have expected, actually.

Now, I know. There are going to be those of you who will be all, “What? No top sheet?! Was this woman raised in a barn!?!” And to you I say, “I KNOW!” Because I felt that way too. But that was the old me. The old me that didn’t like to make the bed. This is the new me. The new me makes her bed every day. Check it.

But, all you top sheet die hards, I do have a tip for you, courtesy of my crazy Granny Goose. She takes her top sheets straight from the package and sews the bottoms, envelope style, thus making them top half top sheet, bottom half fitted sheet. That way, at least the bottom half stays in place. Pretty smart, right? Makes for some slick hospital corners, but I have it on good authority that that is called cheating.

So, what say you? Top sheets yes? Top sheets no? Do you have a life-altering bed-making tip you’d like to share? I am all ears.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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