The Great Christmas Stocking Hunt

Now that Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas season has begun, I am officially¬†on the hunt for a set of really nice, really high quality stockings for my family. You guys, it’s really daunting!

The musts: They must be durable, they must be big enough to hold a decent amount of stuffers (but not so big that you have to overbuy), they must be aesthetically pleasing, they must be (at least somewhat) traditional.

It’s a tall order!

After the jump, I’ve pulled together a round up of all the stockings I’ve looked at so far that just might fit the bill. Maybe you’re in the same boat as me? If so, maybe I’ve found your Christmas stocking soul mate for you?

  • Juliaca Knit Stocking 1 of 21
    I love the crazy mix of stitches in this whimsical stocking!
    Get Yours From Anthropologie
  • Simple Holiday Stocking 2 of 21
    I love the unexpected patterns and colors.
    Get Yours From Etsy
  • Eco Friendly Cream Stocking 3 of 21
    Limitless snowflake arrangement for limitless family members.
    Get Yours From Etsy
  • Forest Woodland Trees 4 of 21
    For those daring enough to think outside the green and red box.
    Get Yours From Etsy
  • Grey Felt Holiday Stockings 5 of 21
    Grey is such an unexpectedly wonderful color for Christmas.
    Get Yours From Etsy
  • Felt Snowflake Stocking 6 of 21
    Guaranteed to match any holiday decor. No matter what.
    Get Yours From West Elm
  • Deco Sequin Stocking 7 of 21
    Jazzy! Yet tasteful.
    Get Yours From West Elm
  • Country Christmas Striped Stockings 8 of 21
    While possibly not for everyone, these vintage stockings are seriously fantastic.
    Get Yours From eBay
  • Wool Christmas Stockings 9 of 21
    This stocking is so, so cool.
    Get Yours From Merry Stockings
  • Needlepoint Christmas Stockings 10 of 21
    There is nothing more traditional than a needlepoint stocking, and these are traditional without feeling stuffy.
    Get Yours From JC Penney
  • Needlepoint Christmas Stockings 11 of 21
    Your little girl needs this stocking. Real bad.
    Get Yours From Land's End
  • Hand Knit Stocking 12 of 21
    Don't hate me for this, but I find this stocking to be AMAZING. (Comes in navy too).
    Get Yours From Land's End
  • Beaded Christmas Stockings 13 of 21
    Get Yours From Horchow
  • French Laundry Home Stockings 14 of 21
    I love the antiquey, distressed feel of these!
    Get Yours From Horchow
  • Suzani Christmas Stockings 15 of 21
    These are easily my favorite stockings ever.
    Get Yours From Horchow
  • Red And White Christmas Stockings 16 of 21
    Now THESE are festive!
    Get Yours From Horchow
  • Embroidered Christmas Stockings 17 of 21
    The colors are fun and zippy but still traditional. I really like these.
    Get Yours From Horchow
  • Plaid Christmas Stockings 18 of 21
    Get Yours From Horchow
  • Vintage Mom Stocking 19 of 21
    If your name is Mom, this one might be for you!
    Get Yours From eBay
  • Vintage Woolen Holiday Stocking 20 of 21
    Very collegiate. Very cool.
    Get Yours From Etsy
  • Santa’s Face Needlepoint 21 of 21
    This has so much kitsch value, I'm in love.
    Get Yours From JC Penney

Now spill the beans: what is your favorite source for Christmas stockings?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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