The Halloween Candy Tax

My girls have been counting down to Halloween for months. Months, I tell you. They’ve had their costumes selected, their treat buckets at the ready, and can hardly wait for the big day.

They’re discussing what kind of candy they may get, negotiating potential trades, and have already decided which candies they’ll use to pay the candy tax.

Yeah, that’s a thing here.

From the very beginning of this parenting gig, I’ve been filching my favorites from tiny treat bags. At first it went unnoticed — after all, she was not even 1 yet. A few years into my Halloween snatching routine, I was busted!

Thinking fast, I told my sweet little one that I was just collecting the candy tax. It’s a parent’s payment for trekking all over to help her collect the goods, you know. She accepted this with very little complaint.

We now have 3 treat bags from which to pilfer. I mean, levy taxes.

And, all 3 girls respect the candy tax. Today, the tween told me I can have 1 Reese’s, but if she gets at least 3, she will offer 2 Reese’s. She learned quickly that offering my favorites is likely to net her a greater amount of candy in the end.

Wednesday night will commence our annual candy distribution system. The hubby automatically gets all the gluten and red dye treats that the girls are not able to eat. And, I’ll be settled in with my candy tax stash — mostly Reese’s, Snickers, and Baby Ruths.

What are you hoping to snag from the treat buckets?

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