The Look for Less: 7 Ways to Save on Kids Home Decor

Kids’ home decor is one of the many areas of life in which an unlimited budget would come in handy. You get the slight inclination to nest as soon as baby’s on the way, and suddenly you have 70 Pinterest boards full of incredibly chic, perfectly coordinated nurseries and kids rooms. Unfortunately, no matter how many issues of Dwell we tuck in our magazine rack, how many emails we send to our partner with requests for a $1,000 crib, or how many design blogs we add to our Google reader, it’s difficult to justify a ridiculously expensive piece of furniture when there’s still things like food, kids clothes, or rent (oh, that) to account for. Instead of keeping our fingers permanently crossed for an anonymous benefactor or lotto winnings, we’ve found 10 budget options for some of our favorite looks out there. Grab yourself an issue of Architectural Digest with the money you save on these low-key child-style options — it’s on us (kind of).

  • The Dream: Chalk it Out 1 of 14
    The Dream: Chalk it Out
    With clean lines, shelves for storage, and a huge workspace, this table is both a kid's and mom's dream. Sadly, the price makes it just a dream — unless you can somehow work it as a kitchen table, too?
    Get it from Clever Tomato, $695
  • The Reality: Chalkin’ Round the Table 2 of 14
    The Reality: Chalkin' Round the Table
    Master a school or art-class vibe with a relatively inexpensive chalkboard table. We give this look an A+!
    Get it from Walmart, $89
  • The Dream: Aspen Blanket Chest 3 of 14
    The Dream: Aspen Blanket Chest
    While this sky-blue trunk from PoshTots is an undeniably pretty and functional piece for the end of a bed, it's also — hold your breath — $1,850.
    Get it at PoshTots
  • The Reality: Country Classic 4 of 14
    The Reality: Country Classic
    Get the same country vibe with a classic wooden toy trunk like this one. If you're still dreaming of that sky-blue color, a can of wood paint and a little distressing will make everyone think you sold your iPhone to pay for it.
    Get it from Walmart, $89
  • The Dream: Eames Rocker 5 of 14
    The Dream: Eames Rocker
    Eames rockers, and their soothing, molded eggshell aesthetic have been a feature of modern-styled nurseries and living rooms. Unfortunately, the going rate for one is about $479.
    Get it from Room & Board
  • The Reality: Vinnie Cradle Chair 6 of 14
    The Reality: Vinnie Cradle Chair
    Get the look for less from, which offers a similar version of the classic chair. The white model is out of stock, but a pretty baby blue (a great addition to either gender's nursery!) is still available.
    Get it from Overstock, $123.29
  • The Dream: Brix from Design Within Reach 7 of 14
    The Dream: Brix from Design Within Reach
    We love the Tetris-like customizable look created with these unadorned storage units, but with prices from $810 for two drawers to $3,420 for a 3 x 3 unit, we'll stick to just letting the kids play it on our iPhones.
    See the Brix collection
  • The Reality: Nyvoll from IKEA 8 of 14
    The Reality: Nyvoll from IKEA
    The clean lines of IKEA's Nyvoll collection — and prices from $99 to $299 — make this a budget-friendly option for those looking for a little sleekness.
    Get the Nyvoll 6-drawer dresser from IKEA, $299
  • The Dream: Pumpkin-Shaped Princess Bed 9 of 14
    The Dream: Pumpkin-Shaped Princess Bed
    This made-to-order bed featured on Luxist requires handing over a cool $47,000 (not a typo!) before putting it in your little royal's room. What happens when she grows out of it? Source: Luxist
  • The Reality: Cinderella Twin Carriage Canopy 10 of 14
    The Reality: Cinderella Twin Carriage Canopy
    Let your little girl ride away on her imagination while still being able to save for her college education with this similarly styled budget option. For the extra-frugal, try this circus-y canopy from IKEA that's just $19.99.
    Get it from Amazon, $439
  • The Dream: Playtime TeePee 11 of 14
    The Dream: Playtime TeePee
    We love the look of this teepee in a playroom — wouldn't this be the perfect spot for some serious afternoon reading?
    Get it at Land of Nod, $159
  • The Reality: DIY Dreamhouse 12 of 14
    The Reality: DIY Dreamhouse
    If it's not close to the holidays or a birthday, but you can't stop thinking about hooking your kids up with an awesome teepee, the materials for this DIY project, such as the bamboo sticks, will only set you back $20.
    See the tutorial at Sew, Mama, Sew!
  • The Dream: Pretty in Pink 13 of 14
    The Dream: Pretty in Pink
    This ultra-girly Lily Pulitzer Home bench totally counts as an investment piece for a little girl's room, right?
    Get it from Horchow, $1,599
  • The Reality: Sitting Pretty 14 of 14
    The Reality: Sitting Pretty
    Give your little girl a cute settee while still being able to, y'know, feed and clothe her.
    Get it from Amazon, $77.55

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