There’s No Q in Coupon

Koo-pon or Q-pon?

It’s an age old question in the couponing community — how do you say “coupon?”

I am firmly in the koo-pon camp, although I grew up with Q-pons. Not that my family ever used them, but that’s a post for another day.

Then, when I started couponing on my own, I questioned it. There’s just no Q in coupon. So, I made the switch to what I decided was the “proper” pronunciation. seems to agree with me, but they do list Q-pon as an acceptable pronunciation [koo-pon, kyoo-] — with a little bit of controversy thrown in.

Coupon, related to cope and coup, is of French origin. It has developed an American pronunciation variant”‚[kyoo-pon] with an unhistorical y-sound not justified by the spelling. This pronunciation is used by educated speakers and is well-established as perfectly standard, although it is sometimes criticized.

What say you, Internets? Koo-pon or Q-pon?
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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