TLC’s Extreme Couponing: Frugal Bloggers Weigh In

The new season of TLC’s Extreme Couponing aired this week, and it’s all my frugal blogging friends can talk about. Personally, I’ve never seen the show. This is partly because I don’t have cable and partly because I steer clear of “reality” television anyway.

For once, I’m grateful to be left out of this one — judging by reactions from real couponers, this show would just make me want to rip my hair out.

It’s frustrating for frugal bloggers like me because it sets up unrealistic expectations for people who want to learn. Yes, it is possible to save big with coupons. Yes, you can drastically reduce your grocery budget. But, in the wise words of Cincy Savers’ Heather Tenney, “let’s be real about this — you can’t do that every single time you shop.”

“Everything about the show is a way a couponer should. not. shop.”

Sherri, from Luv a Bargain agrees “it is WAY over the top and doesn’t give a true vision of what you can truly accomplish using coupons for the items you need for your family every day.” But, it’s even more frustrating to watch them do it wrong.

Jill Cataldo has written extensively about misuse of coupons, counterfeit coupons, and blatant store policy abuse.

I’ve heard it referred to as Extreme Coupon Fraud, The Learn to Cheat Coupon Show, and Hoarders: Coupon Edition.

“The only positive I see from the show is it does drive people to learn about couponing, and when they come here I am able to share the truth about how to coupon shop,” says Dian from Grocery Shop for FREE. I have to agree with her there — it does offer the chance to teach people real (and ethical!) extreme couponing tips.

Marci, from Cincinnati Coupons, views the show as a lesson in don’ts. “Everything about the show is a way a couponer” Zack, of Look Before Spending, takes a little more personally. “We spend hours each day showing you how to properly use coupons, promoting legitimate deals and coupons only for this show to come in and attempt to corrupt that.”

Love it or hate it, it’s a train wreck couponers can’t seem to stay away from — which, I suppose, is what TLC was after in the first place. Will you be watching?

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