Top 2013 Trends: Honeycomb

top 2013 trends honeycomb

Cool geometric patterns are all the rage! Honeycomb designs are my favorite right now.

Sweeten up your home with whimsical honeycomb decor! Hexagons have never looked so sweet.

  • Honeycomb Flooring 1 of 20
    Honeycomb Flooring
    For a nice complement to subway tile -- and a geometric change of pace, try hexagon tiles!
    Learn more at House and Home
  • Honeycomb Quilt 2 of 20
    Honeycomb Quilt
    Why settle for fat quarters and just four-sided pieces when you can try a new look?
    Learn more at Mimou
  • Honeycomb Lamp 3 of 20
    Honeycomb Lamp
    I love the unique shape of this lamp -- and the soft light it sheds.
    Learn more at Brian Watford
  • Cool Honeycomb Flooring 4 of 20
    Cool Honeycomb Flooring
    This juxtaposition of hardwood and hexagonal flooring sets the dining area apart.
    Learn more at Vogues Paris
  • DIY Honeycomb Shelves 5 of 20
    DIY Honeycomb Shelves
    Here's a fun DIY way to make distinctive shelves for a unique look in an office or bedroom.
    Learn more at A Beautiful Mess
  • Honeycomb Wallpaper 6 of 20
    Honeycomb Wallpaper
    This fascinating pattern is a nice variation on the standard hexagon -- with cute yellow highlights.
    Learn more at Atlanta Home
  • Honeycomb Terrarium 7 of 20
    Honeycomb Terrarium
    A terrarium is a nice way to bring the outdoors in ... and this unique honeycomb look is a nice accent.
    Learn more at Anthology
  • Crochet Hexagon Rug 8 of 20
    Crochet Hexagon Rug
    Honeycomb patterns don't have to be hard-edged. This hand-made look can be adapted an many projects -- or customized with your colors.
    Learn more at Etsy
  • Honeycomb Wall Art 9 of 20
    Honeycomb Wall Art
    I love the geometric and organic look of this print!
    Learn more at Society 6
  • Honeycomb Pendant Light 10 of 20
    Honeycomb Pendant Light
    This reminds me of both the earlier light and the terrarium, but it has instead a bit of an industrial look with the bare bulb.
    Learn more at Urban Outfitters
  • Honeycomb Party 11 of 20
    Honeycomb Party
    Why not try a trendy honeycomb party for your honeys?
    Learn more at Sweetopia
  • Honeycomb Vases 12 of 20
    Honeycomb Vases
    I admire these in West Elm every time I visit ... I need to get some!
    Learn more at West Elm
  • Wall Stencil 13 of 20
    Wall Stencil
    I love the pattern on this wall stencil, and, of course, the yellow highlights.
    Learn more at Design Sponge
  • Honeycomb Shower 14 of 20
    Honeycomb Shower
    As I mentioned earlier, this is a great variation on the plain white subway tile.
    Learn more at Brandon Barre
  • Honeycomb Wall Panels 15 of 20
    Honeycomb Wall Panels
    These movable wall panels give bright color to a wall.
    Learn more at Form us with Love
  • Honeycomb Mirror 16 of 20
    Honeycomb Mirror
    I love the different shades and different depths of this mirror grouping.
    Learn more at The Curious Reserve
  • Sweet Backsplash 17 of 20
    Sweet Backsplash
    These smaller hexagon tiles make a white kitchen sparkle.
    Learn more at Terracotta Properties
  • Honeycomb Rug 18 of 20
    Honeycomb Rug
    This pattern is cool -- nested hexagons give the honeycomb and hive feel.
    Learn more at Shelterness
  • Pretty Platters 19 of 20
    Pretty Platters
    These hexagons are a bit deconstructed but are still right on trend.
    Learn more at Hay Shop
  • Honeycomb Clock 20 of 20
    Honeycomb Clock
    This is fun, geometric and practical!
    Learn more at Etsy


What do you think?? Can you see Honeycomb designs in YOUR home?? Let us know in the comments!!


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