Top 2013 Trends: Pretty Pastels

Pretty pastels are a lovely, delicate way to add color into your home. This year liven up your light pastel hues with vibrant pops of color!

  • Jump into a new season! 1 of 18
    Jump into a new season!
    Spring clean your decor with these pretty pastel trends...
  • Cool Colors 2 of 18
    Cool Colors
    Liven up a simple space with pretty pastels!
    Learn more at muuto
  • Subtle Color 3 of 18
    Subtle Color
    If you're itching to add some color to your home, but you don't want to overdo it, try a light pastel hue.
    Learn more at the Design Files
  • Pastels and Primary Hues 4 of 18
    Pastels and Primary Hues
    Combine your pastels with sharp bursts of primary colors, like this gorgeous room.
    Learn more at From the Right Bank
  • Color Blocked Walls 5 of 18
    Color Blocked Walls
    Softer pastel walls mixed with more vibrant walls is a fun way to add pastels into your home.
    Learn more at Dwell
  • Snappy Yellow 6 of 18
    Snappy Yellow
    Bright yellows pair beautifully with soft pastel colors!
    Learn more at 101 Woonideeen
  • Tiny Touches 7 of 18
    Tiny Touches
    A light pink throw, the light green legs of the table, small pastel details make a large impact!
    Learn more at By Fryd
  • DIY Pastel 8 of 18
    DIY Pastel
    Do some pastel DIY by painting an old chair or table a pretty hue.
    Learn more at Charlotte Love
  • Statement Piece 9 of 18
    Statement Piece
    If you're going for the pastel look, one eye catching piece is all you need!
    Learn more at SF Girl by Bay
  • Cool Contrast 10 of 18
    Cool Contrast
    Light bubble gum pink meets an unexpected companion, a sleek modern shelving unit. Play up contrasts to add interest in your decor!
    Learn more at Montana
  • Pastel Trim 11 of 18
    Pastel Trim
    A light colorful trim around doors and windows is a whimsical way to invite pastels into your decor.
    Learn more at 79 Ideas
  • Pastels and Neons 12 of 18
    Pastels and Neons
    If you're still adoring the neon craze, consider combining your hi-lighter hues with toned down pastels.
    Learn more at Charlotte Love
  • Pastel on Pastel 13 of 18
    Pastel on Pastel
    A pastel couch in a pastel room isn't overwhelmingly pastel, thanks to dark wood accents and plenty of greenery.
    Learn more at Clive Tompsett
  • Pastel and Black 14 of 18
    Pastel and Black
    For an unusual combination try decorating with pastels and black.
    Learn more at 79 Ideas
  • Frightened of looking too Feminine? 15 of 18
    Frightened of looking too Feminine?
    Pastel tones are often thought of as delicate and feminine. For a more masculine way to incorporate pastels, take inspiration from this cool sleek space!
    Learn more at Decor8
  • Pale Violet 16 of 18
    Pale Violet
    A light violet is an unexpected color for your home.
    Learn more at Moody's Home
  • Always Pretty 17 of 18
    Always Pretty
    Classic pastel color combos always look pretty.
    Learn more at Avotakka
  • Light Linens 18 of 18
    Light Linens
    Jazz up your table with these light pastel linens!
    Learn more at Bright Bazaar

Which do you prefer — pretty pastels or bold brights?? Let us know in the comments!


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