Top 30 Best DIY Projects of 2012!

That’s right folks, the best and brightest of the DIY community for 2012 all in one post! I love every single one of these posts and of course there are many others that I love but I needed to limit myself to just 30. Enjoy the list and happy crafting!

  • Marquee Sign 1 of 30
    Marquee Sign
    This gorgeous vintage inspired marquee sign stole my heart.
    See more here on Oh Happy Day.
  • Sequin Heart Shirts 2 of 30
    Sequin Heart Shirts
    A perfectly pretty shirt for all year. You have to love the heart trend.
    See more here on Say Yes to Hoboken.
  • Geometric Paper Lanterns 3 of 30
    Geometric Paper Lanterns
    Awesome geometric lanterns for your next party. So cool.
    See more here on Hank & Hunt.
  • Cardboard Play Houses 4 of 30
    Cardboard Play Houses
    Have a cardboard box and a bored little one? Try out this rad play house!
    See more here on Ambrosia Girl.
  • Cardboard Castle 5 of 30
    Cardboard Castle
    Merrilee never ceases to amaze me. I have been wanting to make this cardboard and duct tape castle since she posted it. So cool.
    See more here on Mer Mag.
  • Confetti Surprise Balls 6 of 30
    Confetti Surprise Balls
    These simple and festive surprise balls are kinda perfect and a lot of fun. Great to gift to anyone!
    See more here on Ardor.
  • Neon Color Blocked Planters 7 of 30
    Neon Color Blocked Planters
    Because we all need more neon in our life. And I know I need more greenery!
    See more here on The Proper Pinwheel.
  • Animal Badges 8 of 30
    Animal Badges
    Super cool and easy animal badges for little ones.
    See more here on Mer Mag.
  • Polaroid Magnets 9 of 30
    Polaroid Magnets
    Tiny little polaroid like magnets for your fridge. They're just so cute!
    See more here on Ambrosia Girl.
  • Gold Mache Bowls 10 of 30
    Gold Mache Bowls
    This one made its way all around the blogging world I believe. Paper mache never looked so good.
    See more here on Kelli Murray.
  • Cheese Board 11 of 30
    Cheese Board
    Beautiful cheese boards! Perfect for the entertainer. Ahem.
    See more here on Oh Happy Day.
  • Minimalist Play House 12 of 30
    Minimalist Play House
    Maybe the coolest play house I have ever seen. beautiful and you can keep your eyes on the littles at all times.
    See more here on Scandinavian Deko.
  • Cardboard Pendant Light 13 of 30
    Cardboard Pendant Light
    I love a great pendant light. This one made from cardboard is so rad.
    See more here on Poppy Talk.
  • Chalkboard City Blocks 14 of 30
    Chalkboard City Blocks
    Sweet little chalkboard blocks made to look like city buildings. Genius!
    See more here on Hello Bee.
  • Folding Chair Makeover 15 of 30
    Folding Chair Makeover
    I have started to collect folding chairs because of this DIY. Gorgeous!
    See more here on Design For Mankind.
  • Colorful Chevron Tote 16 of 30
    Colorful Chevron Tote
    We all need more tote bags and this one takes the cake! So pretty.
    See more here on Fabric Paper Glue.
  • Tissue Paper Art 17 of 30
    Tissue Paper Art
    Tissue paper circles make for some very cheery art.
    See more here on Hellobee.
  • Watercolor Shadow Boxes 18 of 30
    Watercolor Shadow Boxes
    The wonderful watercolor trend continues! These shadow boxes are gorgeous.
    See more here from Melissa Espin.
  • Painted Blocks 19 of 30
    Painted Blocks
    Simple and fun. I need to make these for my son ASAP.
    See more here on Design For Mankind.
  • Embroidered Shower Curtain 20 of 30
    Embroidered Shower Curtain
    We need a new shower curtain and this one is just the thing. So awesome.
    See more here on Design Love Fest.
  • Painted Picnic Blanket 21 of 30
    Painted Picnic Blanket
    I can't wait for picnic season to come so I can try this one out. Beautiful!
    See more here on Design Love Fest.
  • Painted Leather Camera Straps 22 of 30
    Painted Leather Camera Straps
    For those of us who could use a new camera strap.
    See more here on Design Love Fest.
  • Lettered Coat Rack 23 of 30
    Lettered Coat Rack
    The perfect little coat rack. Brilliant!
    See more here on Oh Happy Day.
  • Sparkly Wrap Around Bracelet 24 of 30
    Sparkly Wrap Around Bracelet
    A pretty little bracelet for your pretty little wrists.
    See more here on Dismount Creative.
  • Glitzy Phone Covers 25 of 30
    Glitzy Phone Covers
    Love confetti? Me too. So why not make a phone cover out of it?!
    See more here on Design Sponge.
  • Drum Stool 26 of 30
    Drum Stool
    What the..this is amazing and I need one now.
    See more here.
  • Painted Umbrella 27 of 30
    Painted Umbrella
    A great way to make those gray rainy days brighter is with a rad umbrella, like this one.
    See more here on Design For Mankind.
  • Neon Dipped Shoes 28 of 30
    Neon Dipped Shoes
    I think we've all seen this one in a variety of ways. None the less, it still rocks my world.
    See more here on La Petite Magazine.
  • Paper Windup Butterflies 29 of 30
    Paper Windup Butterflies
    I am so intrigued by these. So whimsical!
    See more here on Handmade Charlotte.
  • Wooden Toy Cars 30 of 30
    Wooden Toy Cars
    Simple little wooden cars made from scraps and tacs. Awesome!
    See more here on Kedublock.

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