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When you start to think about cutting back on spending, entertainment is usually right up there at the top of the list of things to eliminate. But, did you know that apart from YouTube there are a quite a few other options for free online entertainment?

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    free entertainment ideas

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  • The Library 2 of 6

    Most libraries now offer free downloads of music and electronic books. Ask your librarian for the details or go to your local library website to see if they offer this feature. 

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    Did you know that most classic books are available for free on Kindle? If you go to simply type in "Free Kindle Books" you can find them by sorting for Classics.

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    amazon free tv episodes and movies

    There are a ton of movies and TV shows available for free instant streaming. In the Amazon Instant Video area just type in "Free Movies" or "Free TV Episodes". One of my favorites is this pilot episode called "Those Who Can't" and it's really funny.

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    people watching

    This is a fun one. Go to a busy area like the park, the mall, the library, or airport and just watch. It's fun to imagine what each person's story is and to see the interactions that happen between people. 

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    finding community events online

    By doing a quick online search for your city you will be able to find all sorts of events and festivities going on in your city that you might not have otherwise known about. The library is also another great place to find out about free events happening in your city.

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