Turn a Backyard Shed into a Creative Space — 12 Ideas!

¬†One of my neighbors — and best friends — turned an old backyard shed into a creative office space. And now I’m inspired! I’d love to build an office space and sanctuary in a cute shed. There are so many possibilities!

Shed to Office

I’ve come up with 12 inspirational backyard “sheds” — you might use one as an office, guest room, or private retreat. Check them out after the break!

  • Shed to Office Space 1 of 12
    Look at this compact and charming shed turned into a bright, cheery, open-air office space. It's not fancy -- but just perfect.
    Learn more at House to Home
  • Shed with Multiple Rooms 2 of 12
    This is a more complex shed -- but you can build it yourself! You can pick up the plans for less than $20 at the link!
    Learn more at Better Homes and Gardens
  • Shed with Backyard Entertaining 3 of 12
    Use your backyard shed as the hub for backyard entertaining. Check out these great ideas like the rustic outdoor counter/bar!
    Learn more at House to Home
  • Small, Charming Shed 4 of 12
    This tiny shed makes up in charm what it lacks in space. The windows take advantage of natural light and are perfect for an outdoor room with a view! Find out how to get the plans here!
    Learn more at House to Home
  • Re-purpose Items to Create Your Shed 5 of 12
    You don't have to buy materials for your shed -- you might have enough you can salvage and re-purpose to build just what you need. Get inspired here!
    Learn more at Seattle Times
  • Five-Sided Shed 6 of 12
    90-degree angles are so last year :)! Or, you could build yourself your own Pentagon and command your minions ... all from your backyard. Check it out.
    Learn more at Amazon
  • Ultra Modern Shed 7 of 12
    The clean lines and natural materials make this modern design stand out. If you're a fan of this look, you must check this out.
    Learn more at Grass Roots
  • Charming Clapboard Shed 8 of 12
    The organic look of clapboard makes this shed extra charming -- see how they did it!
    Learn more at James Gorst Architects
  • Turn a Vintage Trailer into a Shed 9 of 12
    Can't get that trailer to move again? Don't get rid of it -- reuse it as an awesome outdoor office!
    Learn more at Dwell
  • Modern Sheds from Prefab Beginning 10 of 12
    Don't want to build your own? Build it from prefab segments and just assemble it. Look how attractive and functional this is!
    Learn more at Apartment Therapy
  • Light-filled Windowed Shed 11 of 12
    I love the colors and the accents they chose for this shed ... and of course the natural light!
    Learn more at Apartment therapy
  • Modern Wooden Shed 12 of 12
    Modern doesn't have to mean austere. In this shed, the modern lines accent the natural exterior.
    Learn more at Decorated Shed

Which one is YOUR favorite??



Article Posted 6 years Ago

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