Turning Vintage Scarves into Pillows

Eddie Ross

Ever since I found the coolest pillow made out of a vintage Gucci scarf, I’ve become a little obsessed with making one of my own! The ideal size is around a 32″ square — you could either use the scarf for just the front, creating a larger pillow, or make a small pillow with the scarf on both sides.

I found 25 gorgeous vintage scarves for this project, with a healthy mix of vintage designer scarves thrown in!

  • Coral and Jade 1 of 24
    Coral and Jade
    Of course I love the coral in this Versace scarf!
    Purchase from: ChesterfieldGifts on Etsy
  • Teal and Purple Rose 2 of 24
    Teal and Purple Rose
    I like that this color combination is unusual -- a little bit ‘80s, but in a good way!
    Purchase from: PlayaDelfines on Etsy
  • Hot Pink Rose 3 of 24
    Hot Pink Rose
    Love the giant roses.
    Purchase from: PlayaDelfines on Etsy
  • Purple Pucci 4 of 24
    Purple Pucci
    Pucci prints are always classic.
    Purchase from: peacockfeathersct on Ebay
  • Pastel Pucci 5 of 24
    Pastel Pucci
    Another pretty Pucci print!
    Purchase from: thecuriouscollector2000 on Ebay
  • Hermes Balloons 6 of 24
    Hermes Balloons
    Hermes and air balloons!
    Purchase from: furasta on Ebay
  • Ungaro 7 of 24
    I like the subtlety in this Emanuel Ungaro pattern.
    Purchase from: ComplicatedZoe on Etsy
  • Preppy 8 of 24
    Pink and green stripes! So Lilly Pulitzer.
    Purchase from: CoolVintageFinds on Etsy
  • Dior 9 of 24
    Or maybe tropical Dior.
    Purchase from: BetaAccessories on Etsy
  • Hermes 10 of 24
    Another Hermes, but a much more daring print.
    Purchase from: SkinandWood on Etsy
  • Chloe 11 of 24
    A very geometric Chloe scarf.
    Purchase from: zaama on Etsy
  • Oscar de la Renta 12 of 24
    Oscar de la Renta
    I love these electric blue roses! The size is good for a lumbar too.
    Purchase from: ChicVintageWear on Etsy
  • Scallops 13 of 24
    Orange and black scallops, very chic.
    Purchase from: TotallyScarves on Etsy
  • Escada 14 of 24
    So many great colors!
    Purchase from: BetaAccessories on Etsy
  • Echo 15 of 24
    A single, bold typographic pillow would be a cool addition to a restrained room!
    Purchase from: CoolVintageFinds on Etsy
  • Florida Souvenir 16 of 24
    Florida Souvenir
    This scarf is so kitschy, but I think it could be cute as a pillow!
    Purchase from: oldasnails on Etsy
  • Teal 17 of 24
    Stripes and florals!
    Purchase from: LunaParkVintage on Etsy
  • Coral Butterflies 18 of 24
    Coral Butterflies
    A delicate butterfly pattern.
    Purchase from: TotallyScarves on Etsy
  • Lattice 19 of 24
    Love this lattice pattern!
    Purchase from: LuvMeTwoTimes on Etsy
  • Jewel Tone Roses 20 of 24
    Jewel Tone Roses
    All my favorite jewel tones.
    Purchase from: LinensandThings on Etsy
  • Primary Stripes 21 of 24
    Primary Stripes
    Primary Perfection! So modern and clean.
    Purchase from: RetroReality on Etsy
  • Geometric Red 22 of 24
    Geometric Red
    Smaller scarves can be turned into pillows too, just sew a solid piece of coordinating fabric on the back! Shoot for something in a similar hand/feel to the material of your scarf.
    Purchase from: TotallyScarves on Etsy
  • Hot Pink Floral 23 of 24
    Hot Pink Floral
    his one is long and thin - perfect for bolsters!
    Purchase from: joolaholic on Etsy
  • Blush Horses 24 of 24
    Blush Horses
    This horse print is definitely quirky!
    Purchase from: NaylorsOasis on Etsy

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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