Upcycled! 10 Crafts That You Can Make From Trash And Turn Into Treasure

You guys might know by now that I have a bit of a thing for trolling around and finding old things that I can make new again. Items with great lines or a cool finish are fair game for upcycling in my book! I tend to really love scavenging around at garage sales, flea markets and estate sales to see what old but new-to-me treasures I can bring home. So those handy people who turn old would-be trash into something shiny and awesome? They’re kind of my heroes. Not only is making the old new again super fun, it’s also more eco-friendly and generally more budget-friendly than buying new. That’s what I like to call a win-win-win. To get your creativity bubbling, here are 10 trash to treasure craft ideas!

  • 10 Trash to Treasure Crafts 1 of 11
    10 Trash to Treasure Crafts
    Don't throw it out! Click through to see some magic trash transformations...
  • Vintage Oar Curtain Rod 2 of 11
    Vintage Oar Curtain Rod
    I love this look, using an old boat oar as a curtain rod! I especially love it for a kid's room or a lake house.
    Get the how-to from Country Living.
  • Filing Cabinet Turned Garage Storage 3 of 11
    Filing Cabinet Turned Garage Storage
    This bit of brilliance has totally inspired me! Create useful garage storage from an old filing cabinet.
    Get the how-to from Trash to Treasure Blog.
  • Soda Bottle Oil Dispensers 4 of 11
    Soda Bottle Oil Dispensers
    Have a stash of old soda or beer bottles? Clean them up and paint them with stripes to make custom oil and vinegar dispensers!
    Get the how-to from Ardor.
  • Lantern Turned Planter 5 of 11
    Lantern Turned Planter
    Planters are always catching my eye and this one made from an old outdoor lantern is nothing short of awesome!
    Get the how-to from SAS Interiors.
  • Plastic Spoon Mirror 6 of 11
    Plastic Spoon Mirror
    An old mirror and plastic spoons (yup, plastic spoons) come together to create this bold statement piece perfect for an entryway!
    Get the how-to from Country Living.
  • Crib Turned Craft Table 7 of 11
    Crib Turned Craft Table
    Have an old crib? Instead of kicking it to the curb, rework it into an awesome toddler-sized craft station!
    Get the how-to from Apartment Therapy.
  • Tin Can Planters 8 of 11
    Tin Can Planters
    This one is a simple but really pretty idea, transforming old tin cans into planters!
    Get the how-to from Apartment Therapy.
  • Plastic Spoon Maracas 9 of 11
    Plastic Spoon Maracas
    I love this idea for kids! Use plastic spoons to make DIY maracas!
    Get the how-to from Dana Made It.
  • Paper Bag Fruit Baskets 10 of 11
    Paper Bag Fruit Baskets
    I am obsessed with these pretty little fruit baskets, made from upcycled brown paper shopping bags!
    Get the how-to from Ellinée.
  • Light Bulb Vase 11 of 11
    Light Bulb Vase
    How many old light bulbs have you tossed out in your day? Probably a lot! Toss them out no more and instead make sweet little bud vases!
    Get the how-to from Free People.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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