View from the Cheap Seats

We don’t see many movies in the theater. With three girls, unbelievably high prices, and expensive concessions, I’d rather enjoy a really nice dinner out and rent a $1 movie instead.

But, in the summer? It’s free and $1 movies all the way — we’ve gone to the summer movie club every year for as long as I can remember. The movies were older — way older — and usually something we’d already seen. But, it was going to the theater, and they were excited every year.

Until last year, when our theaters abruptly ended the summer movie program. My girls were bummed, and that was the end of our theater experiences.

Every now and then, a movie will be talked about enough or anticipated enough that we’ll spring for the matinee. But, even that is at least $25 just to get in the door.

Then, we discovered the second run theater.

Second run movie theaters show slightly older movies — not quite as old as the free summer movies but just slightly past their prime. The movies are running about 4-5 months out, so you aren’t going to be seeing the latest box office hits.

Still, for just $2 each, we can go to the movies again! This weekend, we finally saw The Lorax. Yes, it comes out on DVD this week, but it’s all about the experience. Without the high price tag.

I only spent $20 on tickets, popcorn, and a soda to share. Which means, even though it isn’t super close to our house, we’re still saving a ton of money!

The girls are excited to have found a new theater, and I’m thrilled to have a frugal source for family fun. Or, even a date — I wonder if I can talk the hubby into taking me to see The Hunger Games again now that it’s at the cheap theater!

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