I Want to Ride My Bicycle: 8 Cool Bikes for Summer

For years I’ve been wanting a bike. Not a mountain bike. Not a road bike en route to conquering the Tour de France. But rather, an old school vintage style bike complete with a basket and maybe even some tassels for long leisurely rides. For the first time ever I live in a neighborhood that would make such a thing possible. A neighborhood boasting lots of streets lined with pretty houses and a hidden gem of a park tucked away on the hill overlooking downtown Syracuse. So naturally, I’ve got bike fever all over again. Fancy a pretty bike of your very own? Here are 8 of my current favorites. And, yes, most of them have baskets!

  • Creamcycle by Public 1 of 8
    Creamcycle by Public
    From the bright orange color to the front and rear baskets, this may be the ultimate bike de resistance for me!
    Available from Public Bikes.
  • Gypsy Cruiser from Electra 2 of 8
    Gypsy Cruiser from Electra
    This bike has it all! From a bright jewel toned frame to contrast stitching, from a fabric-lined basket to, yes, tassels!
    Available from Electra.
  • Dannebrog by Velorbis 3 of 8
    Dannebrog by Velorbis
    This bike has the sweetest vintage styling. And the bright cherry red color? Classic!
    Available from Velorbis.
  • Abici from Adeline Adeline 4 of 8
    Abici from Adeline Adeline
    A bit less bold, but no less stylish this fabulous bike features a cool cream cool and some pretty sweet fenders.
    Available from Adeline Adeline.
  • Breukelen by Bowery Lane Bicycles 5 of 8
    Breukelen by Bowery Lane Bicycles
    Designed and built in New York City, this bike is perfect for urban adventures. The rack on the back is perfect for carrying your wares from the farmer's market!
    Available from Bowery Lane Bicycles.
  • Sommer from Papillionaire 6 of 8
    Sommer from Papillionaire
    Ok. A straw basket. The perfect shade of Robin's egg blue. Let's discuss. I'm pretty sure a bike gets no prettier than this!
    Available from Papillionaire.
  • Pantone by Abici 7 of 8
    Pantone by Abici
    Ok, fellow design geeks. A Pantone inspired bike! To get started, just pick your favorite Pantone shade and ride away!
    Available from Abici.
  • the MANHAPPENIN from Solé 8 of 8
    the MANHAPPENIN from Solé
    Loving the mint green color trend? So am I. That said, it's pretty safe to say you'll love this snazzy mint green bike, designed and built in Venice Beach, California.
    Available from Solé.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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