10 Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

Summer is officially here, and we’ve been dealing with the high temps all month!

With temperatures up to 95° on the longest day of the year, it’s tough to find fun things to do out of the summer heat. But, now that softball season is over, I’ve got to get a little creative to keep the kids active, entertained, and cool!

Here are a few of our favorite ways to stay cool for summer fun:

  • Bubble Baths 1 of 10
    Bubble Baths
    A midday bath can be cool and comforting. Come in a little early and start the nightly routine even before dinner. We discovered this little treat when seeking relief from sunburns, but it's perfect any time to cool down on a hot day.
  • Bowling 2 of 10
    Kids bowl free all summer long — and it's an awesome way to stay indoors on a summer afternoon. Enjoy air-conditioned bowling alleys, free games, and family fun out of the heat!
    Photo Credit: Flickr user jonnykeelty
  • Library 3 of 10
    In addition to books and air-conditioning, many libraries have special programs for summer fun. Magicians, exotic animals, book-themed carnivals — our small town library has it all, and my girls can't get enough!
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  • Movie Theater 4 of 10
    Movie Theater
    Ordinarily, I'm freezing in a movie theater, but when it's this hot outside, that's exactly what we're looking for! Try $5 matinees, $1 theaters or free summer movies to spend a few hours out of the sun.
    Photo Credit: Flickr user sackerman519
  • Museums 5 of 10
    Summer is a great time to explore your city as a hometown tourist! Walking the short distances between your favorite indoor destinations keeps you active and regularly cooled. Our family membership to the children's museum is one of my very favorite things.
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  • Splash Parks 6 of 10
    Splash Parks
    Check with your local parks departments for parks with water features. Splash parks, splash pads, sprinkler parks — whatever your city calls it, the kids will love the chance to play in the water. And, you'll love that it's completely free! As part of the public park system, there is no fee to play and no water bill to pay.
  • Swimming 7 of 10
    This one is a no brainer, sure, but even if you don't have a pool of your own, there are plenty of options available. Check with your local parks, YMCAs, schools, and fitness centers for open swim times and prices.
  • Water Table 8 of 10
    Water Table
    I love the idea of this homemade water table — it's inexpensive, simple to put together, and provides hours of not-too-wet fun.
    Photo and tutorial via Inspiration Thief
  • Indoor Sports 9 of 10
    Indoor Sports
    Take a break from your own action at a WNBA game or a roller derby bout — their summer schedules are an exciting way to stay indoors! You should also try ice skating. It's often thought of as a winter activity, but I'd much rather spend time on the ice away from the heat than when I'm already freezing in the winter.
  • More Water Play 10 of 10
    More Water Play
    If swimming and sprinklers aren't enough for you, try other water games to keep cool. Filling water guns and balloons takes less water than a sprinkler, too!
    Photo Credit: Flickr user britanglishman

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