8 Things to Do This Weekend

Who’s excited for the weekend? I know I am! With warm weather finally here and seemingly hanging around for good in the northeast, I’m feeling completely inspired to indulge in some good old fashioned fun this weekend. Have a clear calendar and no big plans? Here are 8 things to do this weekend…

  • Play with Sidewalk Chalk 1 of 8
    Play with Sidewalk Chalk
    Get outside and enjoy the sunshine with a bucket of sidewalk chalk and a little imagination! Don't forget the requisite game of Hopscotch!
    Photo by Goro Watari via Plenty of Colour.
  • Have a Picnic 2 of 8
    Have a Picnic
    Whether at the park or in the backyard, a picnic lunch is the perfect way to enjoy the spring weather. Pack sandwiches, finger foods and maybe a board game or two!
    Photo by Jennifer Causey.
  • Host a Backyard Movie Night 3 of 8
    Host a Backyard Movie Night
    I can't think of many things more fun than a backyard movie night! You can rent a projector from a local library and string up a sheet between trees to act as a screen. From there all you need is a stack of blankets for lounging and popcorn!
    Photo by Brandon Kidd. See more at The Sweetest Occasion.
  • Hit Up the Farmer’s Market 4 of 8
    Hit Up the Farmer's Market
    If your town has a farmer's market and you haven't been yet, you're missing out! Wandering around and checking out fresh local produce to inspire weekend meals is one of my favorite things to do!
    Photo by decor8.
  • Get Your Spring Cleaning On 5 of 8
    Get Your Spring Cleaning On
    While cleaning may not seem like fun, it always feels good to have a sparkly clean house! Check out Martha's spring cleaning checklist to get started. Not feeling that motivated? Tackle a closet instead and make piles of clothes to keep, store or donate.
  • Hit Up the Local Yard Sales 6 of 8
    Hit Up the Local Yard Sales
    Pack up the troops and head out for a fun day of scavenging the local yard sale circuit! Before you go, check out my tips - How To: Be a Garage Sale Champ This Weekend.
    Photo from Real Simple.
  • Plant Herbs 7 of 8
    Plant Herbs
    It's a little early to plant veggies in many parts of the country still, but you can definitely get your herbs going inside to move out later. I love these little terra cotta pots labeled simply with black marker.
    Photo from Martha Stewart Living.
  • Get Crafty 8 of 8
    Get Crafty
    Flex your creative muscles with a quick and easy DIY or craft project. My pick for the weekend? This super sweet and simple graphic art print from Poppytalk.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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