What Craft Supplies Do You Collect?

Are you a collector? Do you have a craft supply collection? Answer me this – When you’re at a store, do you automatically head to the craft supply section? Do you go to the home improvement store for craft ideas, not for fixing the sink? Well, if you’re like me, then you’ve answered YES.

It’s a problem! I can’t help myself. I want to buy everything in the store. I’ll need it all for some sort of project, right?!

Tell me what craft supplies you are collecting? Help me know I’m not alone!!!

I have more fabric scraps, yarn, and buttons than I would ever need. I tell myself that I’m going to need it all, I’m going to make something from all this, I just can’t have enough pink fabric! But the truth is, I will use it one day. I have a project list a mile long. Don’t we all?!

Maybe I get it from my mom. She has more thread than you’ve ever seen. She just keeps buying it when it’s on sale. Can’t argue with that!

So, are you the same? Do you have an addiction to collecting? What are you collecting in the craft department? Is it thread, really nice needles, quilt patterns?


For more crafty fun, visit Marie over at her blog, Make and Takes. There’s all kinds of kids crafts, recipes, and more.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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