What to Name Your Baby – The 10 Names That Make the Most Money

It seems every parent wants to give their child the very best life possible and what you decide to name you little sweetie pie is right up there with one of THE BIGGEST responsibilities you will have as a parent (no pressure). You want your kid to be happy, healthy, and to be able to support themselves as adults so do you know what names will give them the best chance at bringing home the bacon?

Here are the top 10 names for both men and women that reportedly bring home the most bacon. (It’ll show the male names 1st and then the female names)

what to name your baby so they make a lot of money as an adult

  • Peter 1 of 10
    Peter ranks as the number 1 man's name for making the most money. It's ranked as #197 in popularity in the US and means "stone".
  • Bob 2 of 10
    Bob's will bring in the 2nd highest incomes after Peter's and Bob is often a nickname for Robert. Some experts suggest that the nick-namey quality of the name Bob lends itself to familiarity and therefore, more pay. Bob is ranked at #325 in terms of popularity.
  • Jack 3 of 10
    Jack is #3 on the list and it means "independent". Jack is #45 in US popularity.
  • Bruce 4 of 10
    Bruce comes in at #4 on the list which kind of surprises me because I've only heard of one Bruce in my life and it sounds like such a blue collar name that I wouldn't often associate with high-pay. Hey, I've been wrong before and looks like I've been proven wrong in this situation too! The name Bruce comes from Scottish descent and is ranked #470 in the US.
  • Fred 5 of 10
    Fred is #5 on the list and is another name that I'm surprised to see on the list. It doesn't have a current popularity ranking in the US which means basically- no one really likes this name. I have a feeling that might change once people find out it is one of the highest-paying names out there. Who would've guessed!
  • Deborah 6 of 10
    Deborah is the #1 highest-paying name for women and you just might be shocked to see that this name shows up on the list twice for women; with another spelling. Deborah comes in #807 in US name popularity.
  • Sally 7 of 10
    #2 on the list for highest-paying women's names is Sally. Sally is a spin-off of the name Sarah and currently does not rank in US name popularity.
  • Debra 8 of 10
    Crazy right? Here we see Deborah/Debra show up again on the list. This spelling is even less popular in the US with no ranking on the name popularity charts.
  • Cynthia 9 of 10
    Cynthia means "woman from Kynthos" (whatever that means?). Cynthia is ranked #429 in US popularity for women's names.
  • Carolyn 10 of 10
    #5, Carolyn is my favorite name on the list. It sounds so Southern and sweet. Would you like some sweet tea and a nice fat check? Ranked #741 in the US.

What do you think? Do you agree with this list? Would you name your baby one of these names just so they have a better shot at making big money?

Names originally reported by Linkedin

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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