What Would Emily Post Do: Send An Evite?

Have you ever sat at your computer staring at a Facebook friend request wondering what on Earth was the most polite way to handle not having to be friends with the person requesting to be friends with you? What about–gulp–defriending someone on Facebook?

Do the ins and outs of social norms on Twitter give you a headache?

Have you ever debated in your head the appropriateness of sending an Evite to a party, over a real live invitation made of paper? Or wondered when it’s appropriate to CC someone on an email–or better yet!–BCC someone on an email?

Don’t you ever find yourself wishing Emily Post were still around today to tell us what to do?

Well, she is! (Sorta)

This month, a new edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette was released (the first new edition in seven years!), updated to reflect our new society of social networking and smart phones. I’m so excited to pick up my own copy. Like, super nerd excited.

It got me thinking: Couldn’t we use a little more Emily Post in our lives?

Up first: Would Emily Post send an Evite? After the jump:

The answer is: Yes! Here are a few potential snags to be aware of and some best practices to follow:

  • Sending An Evite? 1 of 5
    Sending An Evite?
    Make sure all of your email invitees check their email inboxes frequently, and that you're using the address they use most frequently, in case they have more than one email account, and be prepared to follow up by phone if you do not hear back from a guest.
    Image Credit: Pia Jane Bijkerk
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    Sending An Evite?
    Be familiar with the options, such as: do you wish for your guests to see the entire guest list? Do you want to keep their email information private? This is especially important if you are arranging a party for friends who may not know each other yet, or other mixed settings.
    Image Credit: Pufik Homes
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    Sending An Evite?
    Be sure to include all important details in the Evite: The location (and directions), dress code, reason for the party, and RSVP instructions. Be sure to also include a personal message.
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    Sending An Evite?
    Proofread proofread proofread! Image Credit: Absinthe Fashion
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    Sending An Evite?
    Follow up a two or three days in advance with a reminder email. Since your guests won't have a paper copy to stick to the fridge, they'll appreciate a little note in their inbox so they don't forget.
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I’d like to do a series of posts here on the New Home Ec on What Emily Post Would Do. Doesn’t that sound fun?

You can pick up your own copy of Emily Post’s Etiquette HERE.

And don’t forget:

“Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.” –Emily Post

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