Why Carpet May Be the Best Choice for Allergies

I hear a lot of people talk about switching to laminate or hard wood flooring to control allergies. It was kind of a bonus for me, when replaced the carpeting downstairs a few years ago.

But it turns out the carpet may have actually been helping.

Yes, carpet traps dust mites, hair, and other allergens — keeping it all out of the air we breathe!

With our laminate flooring, the pet hair gets kicked up all over the place. We can sweep twice a day and still not control all of it. With our carpet upstairs, however, the pet hair gets trapped in the carpet so we’re not breathing it in all day.

Basically, carpet acts as a giant air filter throughout the home. The carpet traps dust, hair, and dander, improving air quality. The real key to controlling allergens is to keep the carpets cleaned. You want to use a quality vacuum with a hepa filter on a regular basis, plus clean the carpets at least twice per year.

Through Tool Rental at The Home Depot, you can rent a carpet cleaner to do it yourself for just $29. At that price, I can afford to clean the carpets several times per year to eliminate allergens. Carpet cleaning can actually reduce the amount of allergens by 90%.

For even more control of allergens, choose a hypoallergenic carpet or antimicrobial padding to prohibit the growth of mold and mildew. Check out the Home Depot carpet buying guide to compare options and find the right solution for your home.

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Photo Credit: Flickr user akeg

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