Why the Long Face? 15 Sad Couches

We like to think of our furniture as pristine and spotless as the day we bought it (or took it from our neighbor’s trash, or snagged it from the “free” section of Craigslist, or wrangled it from our parents …) — but what happens to our old beloved couches after we set them out on the curb? Some, of course, meet that big furniture warehouse in the sky, but others are left to haunt the earth, tearing open their stuffing, being sat on by feral cats, and wondering what could have been with a nice upholstery job and a good delousing. Join us on an existential journey of 15 unloved couches … — Jillian Capewell

  • Frowny Face 1 of 15
    Frowny Face
    Such a sad visage for such a bright piece of furniture …
    Photo credit: Flickr user mdpNY
  • I Only Have Eyes for You 2 of 15
    I Only Have Eyes for You
    And boy, are they sad.
    Photo credit: Deviantart user FilthyLurker
  • Daydreaming 3 of 15
    Sometimes he would just lay on his back, thinking of the days when he deserved the name "Loveseat."
    Photo credit: waltarrrrr
  • Don’t Tread on Me 4 of 15
    Don't Tread on Me
    Seriously … don't. These watermelon eyes don't lie.
    Photo credit: Cheezburger user Misty1432
  • Missin You 5 of 15
    Missin You
    At least the furniture pieces could keep each other company — but they would never forget the cushions they left behind.
    Photo credit: Flickr user johannahobbs
  • Out in the Cold 6 of 15
    Out in the Cold
    Even the couch's to-go coffee had gone icy.
    Photo credit: Flickr user jodigreen
  • I Just Have A Lot of Feelings 7 of 15
    I Just Have A Lot of Feelings
    The anguish was palpable.
    Photo credit:
  • This Little Piggy 8 of 15
    This Little Piggy
    All his life, they said he wasn't worth pork n' beans. He'd show them — if only he could just get up.
    Photo credit: Dog and Pony Show
  • Broken Dreams 9 of 15
    Broken Dreams
    As the light poured into the tiny window, the couch realized: he would never leave his mother's basement.
    Photo credit: Flickr user cliche
  • Not Even Trying 10 of 15
    Not Even Trying
    Oh, what was the point?
    Photo credit: Flickr user bk
  • Dry Clean Only 11 of 15
    Dry Clean Only
    She couldn't even begin to fathom the upholsterer's bill for this one.
    Photo credit: Flickr user bk
  • Waiting 12 of 15
    Someone would flip over her cushions for when guests came over. Someone had to.
    Photo credit: Flickr user naturegeak
  • Freefallin 13 of 15
    If he could just get someone to answer his Craigslist ad …
    Photo credit: Bill of the Birds
  • Just Taking a Rest 14 of 15
    Just Taking a Rest
    Standing on four legs all day is hard, okay?
    Photo Credit: Flickr user ryonedwards
  • Friends in Low Places 15 of 15
    Friends in Low Places
    The barren tree was its only confidant, and even then, not much of a backgammon partner.
    Photo Credit: Flickr user jammun

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