Wings of Life: A Breathtaking New Disneynature Documentary Captures the Beauty of Nature

One of the most inspiring creatures on Earth is perhaps the bird with their beautiful wings and ability to take flight. As photographer and Babble blogger Me Ra Koh pointed out while watching a baby bird take flight for the first time: “This little guy was going to have many more jumps. And we all knew that the more he jumped, the stronger his wings would get. The less scary it would be … Will I not allow myself the same time and room to practice?”

In honor of Earth Day, we spoke to award-winning director Louie Schwartzberg about his inspiration behind the new Disneynature documentary Wings of Life, which utilizes riveting high-speed, time lapse and macro filmmaking techniques to showcase the life of hummingbirds, bees, bats and flowers in spectacular detail. Here he takes us through some of his favorite shots and the impact they had on him.

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Disney’s Wings of Life is now available on Blue Ray and HD Digital. Narrated by Meryl Streep, this documentary reveals the secret lives of butterflies, birds, flowers and more. 




Article Posted 4 years Ago

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