Would You Decorate With: Cowhide Rugs?

I’ve been thinking a lot about cowhide rugs. What do you think about cowhide rugs? I used to think cowhide rugs weren’t for me. I mean, they’re so Westerny! Giddy up!

But recently I’ve been seeing all of these amazingly inspiring interiors and then realizing they all have one strange thing in common–they all feature a cowhide rug! Well, shoot!

A well-placed cowhide rug isn’t a scene-stealer, and can lend a surprisingly chic edge to any room. Not to mention they are durable and easy to clean. So I’ve collected 20 of these unexpected and seriously rad cowhide rugs for your perusal and consideration.

And after the jump you can tell me, would you decorate with cowhide rugs?

  • Pattern Mixing 1 of 20
    A little animal-on-chevron, I like!
    Image Credit Decorpad
  • Cowhide + White Washed Floors 2 of 20
    Perfect combination.
    Image Credit Farmer's Trophy Wife
  • In The Kitchen! 3 of 20
    I never would have considered the cowhide a kitchen-approved rug, but I'm really digging this!
    Image Credit Farmer's Trophy Wife
  • So Good! 4 of 20
    All those brown tones and then that red base. BAM!
    Image Credit 1 Kind Design
  • Triple Duty 5 of 20
    Three in one room? But you hardly even notice them! Also and unrelated: I would kill for that coffee table.
    Image Credit Decorpad
  • A Little French 6 of 20
    The cowhide is so unexpected here! I love how it toughens up this classically appointed room.
    Image Credit Willow Decor
  • Black + White + Very Girly 7 of 20
    Can you get over this room?
    Image Credit Decorpad
  • Sleek And Masculine 8 of 20
    But then nothing could look bad under an Eames lounger.
    Image Credit Black Velvet Chair
  • Neutrals 9 of 20
    I'm loving the hide shape without the hide colors. Provides just a touch of edge to what might otherwise be a smidge bland.
    Image Credit Willow Decor
  • Layered 10 of 20
    It's true that a cowhide rug isn't as soft as wool, so why not layer? I really love how warm and cozy it looks.
    Image Credit Willow Decor
  • In A Formal Dining Room 11 of 20
    There's an awful lot of eclectic going on in here.
    Image Credit Willow Decor
  • A Little Cowgirl For Your Traditional Bedroom 12 of 20
    Image Credit Willow Decor
  • In A Feminine Bedroom 13 of 20
    Time and time again I am seeing these beautiful cowhide rugs in the most unexpected settings. Not a single hunting trophy in sight!
    Image Credit Willow Decor
  • Minimal And Lush 14 of 20
    Nothing is better than a cowhide in a sparse room.
    Image Credit A Stylist's Life
  • Shades Of Black 15 of 20
    Another great cowhide in a lovely, chic black, to match your kitty.
    Image Credit Farmer's Trophy Wife
  • Amazing 16 of 20
    Amazing I say!
    Image Credit Decor Happy
  • Modern Cowhide 17 of 20
    A cowhide rug is the perfect way to warm up an otherwise cold modern decor.
    Image Credit Made By Girl
  • Just Perfect 18 of 20
    How amazing is this?
    Image Credit Willow Decor
  • Cow Made Of Zebra? 19 of 20
    Why not add a little chic to your shabby?
    Image Credit The Huntress Lives
  • Black And White . . . 20 of 20
    And awesome all over.
    Image Credit Elle Decor


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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