Would You Decorate With: Gold Furniture?

It seems no matter how I try to go about my business, I just keep bumping into the amazing image above of a gold-leafed Eames chair. And how lovely is it? How crazy is it? How much do I need to have this thing in my posession ASAP?

It fueled an obsession, which fueled a late-night search about the Internets to find the most bizarre, most overly-gaudy gold furniture the world could offer me, and the strangest thing kept happening! Even as I’d think “I could never!” I also found myself thinking, “Oh my gosh that is the raddest thing get in my living room now!”

I don’t know. Would you decorate with gold furniture? See for yourself, after the jump.

  • Well, If It’s Good Enough For Anthro 1 of 21
    Well, If It's Good Enough For Anthro

    $1,598.00 Available At Anthropologie
  • Gilded Insides 2 of 21
    Gilded Insides
    Subtle this way. Well played, Anthro. Well played.
    $1,598.00 Available At Anthropologie
  • Gold Mirror 3 of 21
    Gold Mirror
    Something like this is easy to pull off, though, isn't it?
    Image Credit Little Daisy May
  • Gold Leaf The World 4 of 21
    Gold Leaf The World
    I am more in love with this 'globe' leafing every passing second.
    Image Credit Altar'd
  • Gold Stump Stools? 5 of 21
    Gold Stump Stools?
    It's weird how I am equally repulsed and in love with these golden tree stumps. I'll take two, please.
    Image Credit Love Maegan
  • Gold Velvet 6 of 21
    Gold Velvet
    Two daring decors in one! I would bring home this sofa in a heartbeat. You?
    Image Credit The Decorista
  • Golden Lighting 7 of 21
    Golden Lighting
    At first blush I thought, "No way!" But upon further reflection, this would be too rad above a glossy black dining table.
    Image Credit A Stylist's Life
  • Lovely Gold Accent 8 of 21
    Lovely Gold Accent
    Now this guy I could work with!
    $1,250.00 Available AtJ Covington Designs
  • Gold In Your Bathroom 9 of 21
    Gold In Your Bathroom
    The more I think about it the more I am certain that gold naturally belongs in the bathroom.
    Image Credit Home Design Corner
  • Hello! I Am A Gold Dining Table! 10 of 21
    Hello! I Am A Gold Dining Table!
    Come and eat diamonds with me!
    Image Credit Decorating Design Interior
  • Golden Hour 11 of 21
    Golden Hour
    Gold dining chairs are surprisingly chic and ultimately very versatile. Yes?
    Image Credit Decorista Daydreams
  • The Real Deal 12 of 21
    The Real Deal
    This gold plated parson's desk is distributed by Georgio Armani, you know, should you be in the market. It's only $38,500.
    Image Credit Elite Choice
  • Gold Sofa Set? 13 of 21
    Gold Sofa Set?
    Who do I look like, Puff Daddy?
    Image Credit Born Rich
  • Gold Kung Fu Stool 14 of 21
    Gold Kung Fu Stool
    Um. I'm not sure why, but I'm fairly sure I need this kung fu stool.
    Image Credit One Inch Punch
  • Gold Credenza 15 of 21
    Gold Credenza
    I don't know about this one. I guess I'm not mad at it. It's just quite the commitment!
    Image Credit Fresh Home
  • Gold Hue 16 of 21
    Gold Hue
    This room gives off a golden feeling without actually screaming gold at your face. Isn't that nice?
    Image Credit Fresh Home
  • Tasteful Gold 17 of 21
    Tasteful Gold
    Without question, this is the kind of gold accent we can all get behind, I think.
    Image Credit Fresh Home
  • Gold Edging 18 of 21
    Gold Edging
    Just a little bit will do ya. This would be a really fun project for a thrift store score.
    Image Credit Simply Southern Interiors
  • Safe, Sweet Gold 19 of 21
    Safe, Sweet Gold
    Get that gold feel without all the bling by incorporating a warm mustard yellow.
    Image Credit Pleated Poppy
  • And Then There’s GOLD Gold 20 of 21
    And Then There's GOLD Gold
    Good heavens this makes a statement.
    Image Credit Decorating Design Interior
  • Sort Of, Almost . . . 21 of 21
    Sort Of, Almost . . .
    Nope, couldn't do it.
    Image Credit Caplan Miller


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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