Would You: Decorate With Taxidermy?

When I lived in Idaho, I frequented a thrift shop that seemed to specialize in really amazing vintage hunting trophy. Seriously every time I went in I’d find another four-point I simply HAD to have. Though I’m staunchly anti-hunting for “sport,” it turns out I am not at all anti-vintage antlers for “decor.” I guess in my strange way I feel like by bringing them home with me I am giving them a new life, where they are loved, so that poor deer didn’t have to die in vain.

Plenty of my friends would come to my house, see the antlers on the bookshelf (and fireplace) (and above the bed in our bedroom) and eye me warily, like, “is this person for real?” I know, it’s macabre and weird. It’s also super rad.

Decorating with antlers can be tricky, because one false move and suddenly you’re living in some kind of back-woods horror movie. So after the jump, I’ve compiled some really great inspiration rooms featuring dead animal parts (and also some never-lived options for those of us a little more squeamish than others) to get our heads in the game. Get it? The game? Oh gosh.

  • Faux Taxidermy 1 of 19
    Faux Taxidermy
    We'll ease you into this slowly. How about paper mache?
    Photo Credit: Anthropologie
  • Now For The Real Deal 2 of 19
    Now For The Real Deal
    You will notice that not only does this room feature the bust of a deer, but there is also the bust of a person. See? Equal opportunity.
    Photo Credit: Elements Of Style Blog
  • Large Antlers 3 of 19
    Large Antlers
    The large scale of this set really highlights the minimalism of the room (and I love that pink wall).
    Photo Credit: Your Home
  • Another Faux Option 4 of 19
    Another Faux Option
    Sure, this might actually be a sheep. (Very tongue in cheek, no?)
    Photo Credit: Rachel Denney
  • More Than One Makes It a Collection! 5 of 19
    More Than One Makes It a Collection!
    I like how the trophy have been staggered around the room. They're not the showcase here, they just add to the ambience.
    Photo Credit: Decor Pad
  • Hollister Hovey’s Trophy 6 of 19
    Hollister Hovey's Trophy
    Here is some trophy in the grand sense of the trophy. Big, rich, presiding over the room. That pheasant is glorious!
    Photo Credit: Hollister Hovey
  • Bunny Trophy 7 of 19
    Bunny Trophy
    Here is the part where I aggressively control the urge to quote that one scene Monty Python Search for the Holy Grail. Please, you know the one?
    Photo Credit: Etsy
  • Trophy Art 8 of 19
    Trophy Art
    All of the majestic feeling of a deer trophy, with none of that dead animal business.
    Photo Credit: Etsy
  • Jenna Lyon’s Trophy 9 of 19
    Jenna Lyon's Trophy
    Jenna Lyons knows a thing or two about a good trophy. In her closet she chooses what appears to be ram horns. Nice one, Jenna!
    Photo Credit: Domino
  • Giraffe Trophy 10 of 19
    Giraffe Trophy
    Also fake. Oh my gosh, could you imagine?
    Photo Credit: Mi Casa Revista
  • Martha’s Trophy 11 of 19
    Martha's Trophy
    Well, shoot. If it's good enough for Martha! (Get it? Shoot?) (This is terrible.)
    Photo Credit: Martha Stewart
  • Small Space, Big Impact 12 of 19
    Small Space, Big Impact
    The perfect spot for a vintage trophy is the small slice of wall you'd otherwise not know what to do with.
    Photo Credit: Elle Decor
  • Antler Lamp! 13 of 19
    Antler Lamp!
    Photo Credit: Elle Decor
  • Why Not Make It Useful? 14 of 19
    Why Not Make It Useful?
    My very favorite thing to do with my vintage trophy is hang ornaments from them come Christmas time.
    Photo Credit: The Awkward Bird
  • Fowl 15 of 19
    After I went to college my parents got a dog. After my younger sister when to college, my parents got another dog. When my youngest sister went to college, my mother brought home a stuffed goose. This photo makes me think of that.
    Photo Credit: Martha Stewart
  • Fireplace 16 of 19
    A trophy on the fireplace is, of course, the old classic. Don't look now but I think there's some kind of jaw bone happening stage left.
    Photo Credit: B For Bonnie
  • Gold! 17 of 19
    And yes, that is a horse (no antlers).
    Photo Credit: Accidentally Out Of Love
  • Add Kooky Wallpaper 18 of 19
    Add Kooky Wallpaper
    It looks good!
    Photo Credit: Elcy Ford
  • In a Girl’s Room 19 of 19
    In a Girl's Room
    I mean, shoot! (Get it? Shoot?) (Oh deer.) (OH YES I DID!)
    Photo Credit: Kristin Sjaarda

So tell me, would you decorate with taxidermy?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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