Zombie Apocalypse: How Extreme Couponing Will Save You

T minus 205 days to December 21st — that’s the zombie apocalypse. Right?

The walking dead. Living spirits. Zombies. Whatever you want to call them, we’ll apparently be running for our lives very soon!

All you need is some zombie eating plants, a lawn mower, and some extreme couponing!

According to the CDC Zombie Apocalpyse Preparedness plan, you’ll need a supply of water, food, and medications to support your family as you hide out from the walking dead. For a couponer, this is a no brainer. (See what I just did there?)

Once you have mastered basic couponing skills, it’s time to get serious. Collect as many coupons as you can for the items your family uses most. This way, when you find a good deal, you can buy several and save even more money!

Here are a few tips to keep your stockpile under control while you await the zombie apocalypse. Or, the next big sale:

  • Never buy more than you can reasonably use before the expiration date. I’m the only one who eats mustard in our house, so I never, ever buy more than one at a time. Ketchup, however, is another matter altogether. That one I stock up on whenever I can.
  • Do not buy more than you can store. Yogurt is another item that my girls consume in mass quantities — but our refrigerator space is limited so I can only store about 15-20 at one time. If you don’t have room for it, it’s just not worth the savings.
  • Rotate your supply regularly. If you hit a big sale on pasta sauce, but you still have a few jars from the last sale, be sure to store the new food in the back. You want to use up the items that will expire first before diving into a new supply.
  • Organize your pantry frequently. Things get lost in the shuffle. Or, you discover your family didn’t really like a brand or flavor you stocked up on. Either way, you need to sift through your pantry to toss anything that expired and donate anything you won’t use. Plus, it’s always good to have the visual of what’s on hand the next time you make a menu plan.

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