10 Reasons Not to Go to Law School From a Former Law Student

There are all kinds of reasons why going to law school is a good decision, and there are all kinds of reasons why someone shouldn’t go to law school as well. In the end, it all depends on the person’s circumstances. As I went through my own three years of law school, there were many common reasons why my fellow students wished they hadn’t gone to law school, and now that we are all out of law school, those lists have actually grown longer. Go figure.

Although this list will not be applicable to everyone, here are 10 reasons not to go to law school. They’re all from law students and current lawyers.

  • Hard on Marriage 1 of 10

    Law school is hard on marriage. Law school demands so much time and energy that it is difficult to balance family life and law school. Throw in the fear that one spouse feels like he/she is being left behind while you attend law school, and it is a potential recipe for divorce.

  • Hard on Families 2 of 10

    Law school is hard on families. Just like with marriage, law school takes up so much time and mental energy that there really isn't much time or energy left over for your loved ones. 

  • Saturated Market 3 of 10

    The market is overly saturated.  There are way too many law schools already and more are added each year.  Add in the fact that many law schools are trying to increase the number of students accepted to the school each year and it's a recipe for a tough time finding a job. Photo Credit: Flickr

  • Being a Lawyer isn’t a Get Rich Quick Scheme 4 of 10

    Lawyers don't make nearly as much money as television and movies would like everyone to believe. Excluding those who go to America's top law schools, there are only a select few from most law schools who end up with high paying jobs right out of their program and internships. The remaining students are left to struggle for several years in hopes of one day earning enough to retire.

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  • Being a Lawyer is not Glamorous 5 of 10

    Lawyers' jobs aren't nearly as glamorous as television and movies would like everyone to believe. While experiencing a heated courtroom battle firsthand is one of the most exhilarating experiences I've ever had, most of my job requires me to sit behind a desk while reading cases and evidence.

  • Being a Lawyer is Stressful 6 of 10

    Being a lawyer is incredibly stressful. Everything I do is built around existing contention or the potential for future contention. Taking it easy is not a concept lawyers get to enjoy.

  • Law School is Way Too Expensive 7 of 10

    Law school has gotten far too expensive. Tuition while I was in law school rose about $12,000 - $14,000 per year. The cost of law school tuition compared to the return after graduating is one of the more ridiculous aspects in my opinion.

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  • Lack of Job Search Assistance 8 of 10

    Most job placement departments at law schools are a joke. That sounds harsh, but I still haven't met anyone who was able to land a job through their school's job placement department.

  • Too Competitive 9 of 10

    Law school is incredibly competitive and that type of atmosphere isn't for everyone. Everyone at my law school was graded on a curve, which created an intense atmosphere where students tried to find any edge they could, even if that edge was at the expense of others.

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  • Not For Introverts 10 of 10

    Law school is not for most introverts. If you're an introvert and you plan on going to law school, get prepared to be called on in class regularly where you will be grilled in front of all your classmates, and tested on how well you remember and understand three or four specific paragraphs of the 200 plus pages you read the day before. It's serious. 

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