10 Things I Learned About Women From Growing up with Sisters

This is one of those posts that could really get me into trouble. I grew up with three sisters and I now have a wife and two daughters. The only time I’ve spent living with other guys who I don’t call my dad was for my freshman year in college. Outside of that, it’s been all women all the time for me.

Some people don’t like to recognize that there are or can be differences between men and women, but most of the women in my life have all been pretty similar in certain characteristics and traits. Obviously, not all women are the same and some of the things that I’ve learned about women will apply equally to men and some of those things won’t apply to certain women at all. But here are 10 characteristics and traits that I’ve noticed about the women in my life.

  • The Monthly Products 1 of 10
    The Monthly Products
    Each bathroom in my house growing up was filled with tampon boxes and I never thought anything of it. On one of my first dates with Casey she needed to get some feminine products in the middle of our date. She was embarrassed about what was happening, but she didn't realize what it meant to grow up in a house full of sisters. She grabbed her preferred box off the shelf and because I was buying them for her, I took them from her and started tossing them in the air just like I would a box of oatmeal. Casey was flabbergasted that I wasn't embarrassed by carrying feminine products.
  • Traffic Tickets 2 of 10
    Traffic Tickets
    All of my sisters and my wife have been excellent at getting out of traffic tickets. My dad and I haven't been so lucky.
  • Women Should be Elevated 3 of 10
    Women Should be Elevated
    My dad always taught me to elevate women. When my family went on vacation I got to sleep on the floor while my sisters slept in the hotel beds. When we traveled in the van—back when seatbelts weren't really popular—I slept on the floor and my sisters slept on the benches and chairs.
  • Angry Words 4 of 10
    Angry Words
    Women have a unique vernacular when they are angry. I read Twitter fights and Facebook fights and blog fights between women and I'm shocked at how many write that they will "cut" whoever they're angry at. I've even caught my wife using that term a time or two and I just don't get it.
  • Best Friends 5 of 10
    Best Friends
    All the women in my life have multiple best friends, and that includes Addie. I think Casey has at least 40 best friends and Addie has at least 10. Vivi's only a toddler, but I'll bet if she could talk she'd claim she has 3 or 4.
  • Mouth Noises 6 of 10
    Mouth Noises
    My sisters didn't make mouth noises, and Casey is annoyed by mouth noises. Mouth noises are a fixture of life for most boys and that carries over into adulthood for many.
  • Friends over Family 7 of 10
    Friends over Family
    Each of my sisters ended up with a bunch of friends, and gradually each of my sisters began to elevate their friends over our family. My sisters all had to be reined in a bit over time so that they remembered the importance of family. Then I got married, and Casey has a tendency to do the same. Every once in a while I have to close Casey's laptop where all her friends exist so we can spend time together.
  • Mountains and Molehills 8 of 10
    Mountains and Molehills
    The littlest of problems could easily turn into huge problems of nightmarish proportions. I was always surprised at how the smallest of slights could turn into the equivalent of committing a felony in my sisters' minds. But I learned to give it a day or two and all would be forgotten.
  • Sit to Pee 9 of 10
    Sit to Pee
    Women don't pee on the walls. My friends and I would sometimes pee on the walls to see who could get the stream the highest (uh, sorry about that mom), but none of my sisters ever got busted for peeing on the walls.
  • Wedding Day 10 of 10
    Wedding Day
    All of my sisters and my wife looked forward to their wedding day and they enjoyed the planning process. I just wanted to make sure I showed up on the right day and at the right place.

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