10 Things I’ll Miss About the Toddler Stage

I don’t know if I’ll ever get to do this toddler thing again, but if this is the last time I get to parent a toddler, I’m going to miss quite a few things about this stage. Toddlers can be hit or miss by the minute, and Vivi is definitely proof of that. One minute she’s the cutest, most sweetest thing I’ve ever seen and I’ll want her to stay a toddler forever, and then 30 seconds later she’ll have a complete meltdown that will leave me shaking my head in frustration. And I know that it’s not unique because Toddler Addie was the same way.

Just a few nights ago, I let Vivi stay up a little late to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas on TV. It was past her bedtime, but Vivi was loving every second of Charlie Brown and she seemed so happy. I thought that I had made a good decision to let her stay up a few minutes late so she could enjoy her first helping of Charlie Brown. Two minutes later, however, Vivi had an epic meltdown. Why? Well, she’s a toddler. Because it can always go in the other direction too. Vivi can be having an epic meltdown and I’ll think I’m in for a very long day, and wham-o! Vivi’s back to being her funny, entertaining self.

Despite the meltdowns and the incessant stickiness, I’ll still miss the toddler stage.

Here are the 10 things about it that have captured my heart:

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  • Playtime 2 of 11

    Toddlers have the ability to play with anything, anywhere. I've always been amazed at the games Vivi plays throughout the day. Her favorite two games are nap time, where she puts her animals and herself down to nap in the oddest of places, and food time, where she'll bring us plates of imaginary food.

  • First Visit with Santa 3 of 11

    Toddlerhood is about the right time for kids to start putting the guy in a red suit and beard together with the Christmas tree in the front room during the winter months. That first visit with Santa is always a special and funny moment that is usually filled with either giant smiles or tears of extreme fear. However, in Vivi's case, it was simple annoyance.

  • Toddler Snuggles 4 of 11

    It is during the toddler stage that kids really learn to put some effort into snuggling. I'm really going to miss those tiny arms giving me a full hug around the neck each day as I come home from work.

  • Learning New Things 5 of 11

    Toddlers love to mimic what they see their parents and siblings doing. Vivi has watched us wear sunglasses in the car and glasses in our house, and so now she's found her own pairs. The only problem? She demands to wear them upside down. I love that stage of toddlerhood where they give new things a try and it doesn't quite work out.

  • Shopping Shenanigans 6 of 11

    I love these shenanigans. Vivi loves to play hide-and-go seek around the aisles of the store and she's just young enough that our little game can be done within 20 feet of Casey and we're not annoying all the other patrons in the store. Also, Vivi's reactions when I pop out from the end of the aisle are priceless. Those are reactions that can't be duplicated at any other stage of childhood.

  • The Playground 7 of 11

    Watching my toddler go down the slide at the playground is something I'll miss. They get so excited by such simple things. Thankfully, if she turns out like Addie, Vivi's love of slides and playgrounds won't be going away any time soon.

  • The Sprint 8 of 11

    I don't know how many times Vivi has seen me from across the room for the first time that day and she sprints as fast as her legs can move towards me. The only problem is that her legs cannot keep up with the speed of her body, so it's only a matter of time before she turfs it. I won't miss the falling part of the sprint, but I will miss the little 3 foot kid running towards me for her first hug of the day.

  • Funny Clothes 9 of 11

    The toddler stage is where the funny clothes with teeth, ears, and eyes pop up. I'm going to miss seeing Vivi grab her sweater and pull it down to reveal little jagged teeth hanging off the hood onto her forehead. 

  • The Shopping Cart 10 of 11

    Sometimes going to the grocery store is an errand that needs to be completed quickly. The easiest way to get the grocery shopping done is while I'm alone obviously, but if I have to take a kid along with me, I prefer that kid be at an age where I can load him/her into the cart. I don't know how many times in a given trip I have to tell Addie not to step on the back of my feet, or to quit suddenly stopping in front of the cart, but when I have Vivi I can usually just load her in the shopping cart and away we go.

  • Talking 11 of 11

    The words those are my favorite. Vivi loves to say, "I have a bright idea." Or "Uh-oh, pee-tod-eohs." I can't forget her fascination with trucks and her need to say the word "truck" every time she sees a truck. Did I mention her her TRs come out as Fs? I'm going to miss the funny combinations and funny pronunciations toddlers that come up with as they learn to talk.

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