10 Ways I Am Incompatible With My Wife

Casey and I came from completely different worlds when we met. She was working at the Fredrick’s of Hollywood. I had recently returned from a Mormon mission in New York. She grew up in Salt Lake City and loved living in a city. I grew up in a very small town that was a 3 hour drive from the nearest city of more than 40,000 people. The differences go on, and on, and on. In fact, Casey and I are so different that Casey’s aunt told her that she had to let me go because we were completely incompatible. She compared Casey to a shiny Ferrari when I should have been looking for Buick. Neither of our parents approved of our relationship either, and the main reason for the disapproval was because of the very obvious difference in how and where we were raised.

Despite our lack of compatibility, we’ve made it work and we’re best friends with each other, but our lack of compatibility still gets in the way sometimes.

Here are 10 ways I am incompatible with my wife:

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  • Home Entertainment 2 of 11

    I love watching TV. It's relaxing and it allows me to stop thinking about all the stresses that go on in my life. Casey doesn't like watching TV all that much. She'd prefer to play a game, read a book, or write an article. 

  • Food 3 of 11

    Casey is a big fan of delicate and well-prepared food. I'm more of a meat and potatoes kind of guy. Our two different tastes in food often cause problems when we get the chance to go out and eat.

  • Money 4 of 11

    Casey isn't afraid to spend money if it is going to result in someone's enjoyment. I'm a cheapskate. Both of us take our stance too far, but when we are able to mix the two together we get a good, healthy, happy medium.

  • Creativity 5 of 11

    Casey is one of the most creative people I've ever met. Me? I'm not creative at all. Everything I do is done in a pattern or routine to try and establish efficiency. These differences get in the way whenever gifts have to be exchanged. Casey's gifts are always creative and imaginative, mine are always dull and boring. (I once gave her floor mats for Christmas.)

  • Movie Selection 6 of 11

    I love watching movies, and I prefer mysteries, comedies, and action films. Casey can't mentally handle intense mysteries and action films, and she can't do the Adam Sandler type comedies either. It means that I end up watching an awful lot of movies by myself when Casey is gone and nothing but romantic comedies when Casey is in town.

  • Choise of Pets 7 of 11

    Casey is a cat person, while I'm a dog person. We've had cats for most of our marriage and we had a dog for about three days of our marriage until that dog tried to eat one of the cats. 

  • Friends 8 of 11

    Casey is excellent at making friends. She can make friends wherever she is regardless of whether she will ever have a chance of meeting those friends again. I have very few friends and it could take years before I make a new friend too. I prefer to keep my circle of friends close and small, whereas Casey likes her circle of friends to go as international if possible.

  • Dance 9 of 11

    Casey loves to dance, and people would probably ask me to stop dancing if I ever did dance. When we were first married, she used to beg to go out to clubs at night with her friends while I stayed home and watched TV. 

  • Physical Activities 10 of 11

    I love physical exercise and physical challenges. Casey loves physical naps and more naps. It means we'll never run a marathon together and we'll never be that couple on the tennis court playing doubles together either.

  • Social Events 11 of 11

    Casey loves social events. She can walk into almost any social situation and feel right at home. When I walk into a social situation, I start to panic, because I hate social events.

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